Friday, 7 March 2014

World Book Day, An Actual Win and An Attack of the Dolly Daydreams (Again)

Yesterday was World (or Middle Class as I like to call it) Book Day, and we sorted out costumes rather well in the end. 

Littlest, who wanted to be Bunny Foo Foo, then James Bond (so he could kiss his favorite girls) and finally settled on Willy Wonka had a rather fetching top hat, although not from the Poundshop- there's an idea for next year guys). It was from a Fancy Dress store in Windsor. 

On the morning, he didn't want to be Willy Wonka afterall, but Spiderman. Threatening him with wearing his school uniform worked in the end though and he did as he was told. It wasn't too cold yesterday, but I did change the costume slightly at the end. Instead of wearing the purple trousers (which came with the purple velvet top as it was really a Joker costume), which were very thin, I persuaded Littlest to wear his cream jeans. 

You have to love Youtube at times like this. He was very unhappy at wearing the jeans until I proved that Gene Wilder wore cream trousers in the film (neglecting to show him the Johnny Depp version). 

Mini was happy until we got to school and everyone of her age thought she was Red Riding Hood and not "70's Film Version" Verruca Salt. That soon past when everyone over the age of 30 knew exactly who she was. Her lovely teacher (dressed as Matilda) knew straight off who she was, remarking that only her hair wasn't a carbon copy of the costume from the film.

Lots of the teachers turned up in costume to add to the excitement, we had an Ommpah Lumpah, a Jessie from Toy Story, a Cruella Devile and a Where's Wally amongst others. With the kids, there were lots of Gruffalos, Wallys, Princesses and Super heroes of varying degrees.

And, before you read this you may wish to sit down- Mini only went and won her class costume prize. I know right? Which ended up causing much hilarity on Facebook and suggestions of "d'you think they've read your blog again?" (which did cross my mind).

I walked up to grab them from school, the weather seems to be doing well now (hooray) and so its nice to meander home. 

Only problem was, I was laden with some shopping, my handbag, Littlest's hat and PE kit, and Mini's reading folder, so I asked Mini to put Littlest's reading folder which had a mere 3 think books inside and weighed next to nothing on her shoulder. Her one doesn't have a strap but his does.

Except, she decided at some point on the 5 minute stroll downhill, to hide it behind a wall in someones garden. Or drop it completely. 

She has no clue why or where she left it. She could've just asked me to bloody hold it. We didn't realise until we'd been in half hour, and by the time we drove back up the road it was gone. 

Which will cost me at least £24 to replace the school books and folder, and meant Littlest was upset as his free book token was in the bag. I was so cross with her, she's not a baby, it wasn't heavy. I don't honestly know what on earth has gotten into her recently, one minute she is so good and helpful, next minute she reverts back to babyhood.

As I said, definite attack of the costly Dolly Daydreams.

So, a win, a massive fail, and a Book Day all in one.

They're off to the local Building site next week- which fills me with horror as Mini has enough trouble walking round a flat, even, dry surface indoors without causing a disaster, so goodness knows what she'll be like at a building site.

How did your Book Days go? 

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