Friday, 3 October 2014

...And Next I Decided, Actually, Let's Fight Back

We've now somewhat, only just, settled into life as a half home Ed half usual school family. Its been very hard at times to get Littlest to adapt to working at home or, in the local park, or library.

The biggest hurdle we have come across is the size of our little house, which I was previously ecstatic about, is now creating dilemmas we could not have forseen.

Like my lovely through lounge diner.

It's light, airy, easy to keep tidy, and cosy warm. What it isn't, however, is separated from the rest of the house. Thus, its not a happy situation as of course a small room on its own would be much better as it could be turned over to home schooling. All we have is the through lounge and a big cupboard, which was previously going to house the overspill of Elder and my records (omg, Amazon for records, what new heaven is this? I love it) and the Decks. Its now the "School Cupboard" as Mini has christened it.

I kept thinking about the appeal though. Surely, surely there was a loop hole? Surely there was some way to show that it wasn't fair, that they had already made their mind up other than the shockingly small amount of time it took for us to get a full three page write up with the decision on it?
Music Lesson-with a twist

I googled the Appeal Code I had used before about timescales. Maybe it could shed light on something or anything I may have missed?

It did.

There, in black and white, on their own Appeal Code page on the Diocese website, it said that, should new information be submitted by any party without first being seen prior to the hearing, the hearing should be closed and rearranged.

Yet, the Head did indeed use new information, from 3 different bodies in the appeal hearing, which she simply waved in the air n the form of paper with emails allegedly on it, without anyone seeing them beforehand.

I have since asked, several times, to see these emails, as we contacted those who she quoted, and found she was hardly honest about what they told her. Surprise surprise, we never have gotten to see them. Nor have the appeal authority.

No one adjourned the hearing. No one mentioned she had broken the rules. In fact, on looking through the code, there were  at least three sections where they have broken the rules.

So, I thought, fuck it, I'll contact them at the Diocese, see what they have to say.

Basically, in Orgasms for Jesus language, they told me to naff off.

How polite.

They told me to go tell it to the Ombudsman. So I am going to. In fact, I collated all the facts, all the information, and put it to the Ombudsman.

Yes, they may say there's little to do now. They may suggest a rehearing. But I hope that no matter what the outcome, the Diocese, and their attitude towards non Church members daring to want both kids at the same school is dealt with.

Finding things for our Autumn project
I have no great issue Home Educating Littlest, of course I don't. The problem is its no fun for Littlest, he has made only one friend since we moved, he misses Mini all day and he would rather be in school. Its not something we decided to do as a family, we felt pushed to. And Mini is dreadfully jealous of her bro being at home with Mummy all day, something she'd love to do as she seems to think he sits around, does one worksheet and then watches TV or plays in the park the rest of the time.

Fingers crossed this all gets sorted out soon.

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