Monday, 10 November 2014

And Then The House Was Silent Once More

..And all the children went back to school.


Littlest has finally left the building, well between the usual school hours most kids his age would be out the house anyway.

Thank Goodness.

Seriously, before I get any mean trolls suggest I'm not very nice saying that about my son, I love him dearly, I do a lot for the child and I don't begrudge it in anyway. I'm his Mum, and I always will do anything for him.

However, from the perspective of needing space from each other, and finding Home Ed a very hard slog to get used to, I am happy he is back at school were he should be.

From his point of view too, moving house was hard for him and Mini too, but for Mini, who straight away went into a school, and Brownies, and afterschool clubs, it was very difficult for Littlest to be stuck at home all day and hard for him to settle and make friends to replace the old ones.

I am glad I stuck to my guns and got him into the same school as his sister as I feel if we'd sent him to the not very good catchment school, he wouldn't have been a priority for them to move.

He popped in and met his new class and teacher (who is a joy after the last one the kids had), and bless them, they were as excited to meet him as he was to meet them. They'd even made him a card to welcome him.

He has gone in today, a little nervous but mostly happy to be back at proper school.

The Home Ed cupboard has shut for business. I don't advise anyone to not have a try at Home Ed, but it can be different depending on the child. It can also be hard to get them used to something when they are used to a school environment.

For us, it just didn't suit.

Its very strange having no children in the house. I went off to the town centre earlier to search out school blue shirts (£20 from John Lewis for 4 as no supermarket has any left now- ouch) and kept thinking I'd left him behind.

It shall be lovely to get back to blogging and baking and I can finally sort out where everything needs to go in the new house too.

Happy at last. All as we should be.

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  1. Well done it is such marvellous news x


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