Thursday, 24 December 2009

So Here It Is... Merry Christmas!

Hi all, this will be my last post until after Christmas, and hopefully with the amount of alcohol and food we have this will be because it will take me two days to recover!

Well, to update on the last post, Not only has my Brother in law phoned to say he is definitely coming, but he is on his way now, on Christmas Eve. A whole day early! This shouldn't be too hard, as we live not 15 minutes from him, but he is even picking up the dips that Ed the Elder forgot on his second trip to Sainsburys this morning.

The Nephew appeared, stayed asleep until 11am yesterday, and 10am this morning, sat on the PC (and actually downloaded some quite good music for a change), then left us this afternoon to travel to Kent to his Mums for Christmas, which we are pleased about as he does worry her. He'll be back Boxing Day (so probably New Years knowing him).

Jodie, bless her, sold her BMW pride and joy to buy a 4x4, which she is scared of-her thoughts are that if she managed to hit the post of my driveway in a tiny BM, then she'll probably take out my house and half the Street in the Monster truck (and feel free to insert own "women drivers" joke here). My God Sons (useless) Father wants to see him on Christmas Day (my thoughts are it's to be annoying and because she told him she was coming up to our house and he hates me, as I once wrote quite a mean blog about him on My Space, surprisingly he could actually read), so she's stuck, but as of last night she still had nothing confirmed, so fingers crossed she'll be with us.

Ed bought a big turkey, and a big bit of beef too, so no matter how many come to us we should have enough.

Off to have a little pre-Christmas day feast for dinner.

I hope you all saw your E-Card, if not, click on the link

So, all that's left is for me to wish you a wicked Christmas day, hope you all have a great time, and will be posting pics on here very soon!


  1. Merry Christmas I hope you have a fab one.

  2. Merry Christmas - enjoy!
    The boys loved the ecard. We've only watched it 17 times! x

  3. Have a good Christmas and don't drink far too much ;) xxx

  4. Clare I couldn't even watch the kids open there pressies without thinking about doing a round up of worst to open offenders with toys!

    Merry Christmas to all at the Mad House, and Sandy I'm glad the boys liked the card!


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