Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh No! More snow!


I hate snow.

Really, I used to love snow, but after the last snow in December, and being stuck in doors for a week I really am not looking forward to the 20 to 40cm drifts we have been warned are going to be arriving in Maidenhead this evening.

And snow is all very well and good at Christmas, as it goes very well with the whole Christmas carol thing, but not in January when everything is back to normal, and lovely PRs are about to start sending big packages to my door for me to review for Mummy Reviews. I do not want the postman to go hibernate indefinitely!

Also there is the rubbish collections. Or lack of.

In Maidenhead, the bin men are quite sensitive souls. If a mere flake drops from the sky, that's enough for the bunch of nancy boys we have to pack up their donkey jackets and disappear instead bemoaning the treacherous conditions They're in a truck for Christ sakes! How is it that despite the last snow we had, I saw Minis managing the roads despite a lack of gritting, but the massive great (probably) impressively 8 wheel drive, mega Horse powered trucks were not able to pass any road at all.

Suffice to say, we have had no bin collections for 3 weeks! Its stinking outside my house!

So if it snows, that means no collections again. Where will it end!

Another big thing is my diet.

I am doing very well. Sort of. I have not eaten any sweets or biscuits, and when I went shopping today, I did not buy any fattening stuff at all. I made a very nice stir fry tonight, which not only I ate but so did Edward the Younger too.

But in this freezing cold weather, all I want to eat is big bowls of Shepherds pie, and other fattening warm foods!

I can't go out and jog either- I do want to lose weight and get fit, however, I don;t want to do it by being stuck in my local Hospital with a broken foot/ankle/leg/all of the bones in my body. The food in my local hospital is nasty, and last time I was in, before and after having Edward, I lost a stone because all the food was awful!

In better news, Mini finally has got the idea what the potty is for a did a number 2 in it this afternoon. She has been telling us for a few weeks she had "done a poo", but today she stood up, with urgency, shouting, "poo!, poo!" and sat on the potty just in time. She was so pleased with herself she jumped up and down with glee. Then demanded chocolate!

Right, its nearly bath time for Mini and Edward the Littlest, so I'm off to do it. Then peace and quiet will reign! Yippee!


  1. I'm with you on this snow lark! Yes, thank you, we've oohed and aahed at it but that's enough I'd quite like to get back to normal, instead of browsing the Met Office website and worrying myself silly every few hours!

  2. Well done to Mini, it's great when it clicks with them. We haven't had any snow at all yet, not sure whether I am happy or sad about that to be honest.

  3. And the bloody school is closed! Probably all week! Which means I have to do stimulating, educational things with the kids for at least an hour in the mornings before the telly goes on. Damn you, snow! Melt! Melt!

  4. If the food's that bad a trip in to the hospital could do your diet a world of good! lol

  5. I quite like being stuck indoors, although the novelty may wear off once all of the Christmas snacks have run out (I've deferred the diet and jogging until February based on the logic that I need to have an extra layer of insulation during this cold snap).
    Husband has gone out to try and move the car towards the main road incase we get more tonight. If he doesn't return...well double portions of the salmon and jackets that are in the oven for me, yum!


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