Friday, 2 April 2010


Yes, its April, so that means its time for an update on the Botox List.

So, what has been causing me to increase the amount of wrinkles on my forehead this month?

    1. Elder and Nephew. They are both being pains in the arse. You see, the Nephew has no idea on how to be a responsible adult, but instead has got stuck somewhere between 15 and 18. Which is hard enough for me to understand, being that I am not directly related to him, except by the tots, and I am near enough exactly the same age as him, my being born in February 1982, and him being born in June 1982. However, it's a lot worse for Elder. For years, before I came along, Elder and the Nephew lived in very close proximity to each other. And during Elder's raving and lady killer days, The Nephew looked up to him. Elder was a mere 14 when The Nephew was born, and was at the hospital the day his Mum had him. So they are kind of more like Brothers than Nephew and Uncle. He, like me, knows that the Nephew is ridiculously talented, but he tries to live like a celebrity before he has made it. He lets people down alot, and worries his Mum in the process. To be honest, I don't think he sees what he is doing to everyone- he thinks of himself, in my view, as a Jack the Lad character. But those around him see a very different view. He borrows money from one person, then take sit out his rent. Then he can't pay the rent, and asks his Mum for help. Who then gets more concerned, but sorts it out for him. It happens all the time. I know its bugging Elder a lot, but what can he do? I know if it was just one his friends, he would let them have it, but with the Nephew, its hard as he saw him as a babe in arms, he used to show hm off to his mates as a toddler. I really hope he sorts himself out.
    2. Potty Training. Yes, Mini is finally getting the hang of it. But she also decides at 9pm whilst she is meant to be asleep that she will take her pants off. And wee in the bed. Not good. Plus, my carpet is water logged. I wish children could go to some residential camp thingy when they get to the potty age, and come back when they are ready to use the loo.Oh well.
    3. Sainsburys in Maidenhead. There staff suck, are rude, and I no longer shop there. Yes I have to walk quite a bit further to Tesco, but their staff are lovely. Bloody arseholes. I tell you, when I was in Retail and Retail Management before the tots, I would never have spoken to customers in anyway other than friendly- they pay the wages with their purchases, so if they decide not to shop in your store cos the staff are rude, then your wages wont be round for long, nor will your store. I'm sure other Sainsburys are different, but Maidenhead, to coin a phrase used by the hilarious Angry Britain on Twitter- PIT!
    4. The Landlord. Don't park your bloody cars (all dodgy) on my drive, which I PAY YOU TO RENT and proceed to turn up and rev the engine at gone 9pm. Or else I WONT PAY YOUR BLOODY RENT, ARSEHOLE!
There we are, the list for April. 
But you can cheer me up and remove some wrinkles by voting in the MADS 2010! Cheers x

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