Thursday, 1 April 2010

Mummy and Mini's Shoe Showy Meme

Bloody hell peeps (or should that be heel?Anyway..) that's a tone twister of a title.

I have been given a lovely award by Hayley from Single Motherhood Challenges (and sorry Hayley, if you haven't already checked out her amazing blog, and voted it for Most Inspirational in the MADS then you should!), and now I have to show the shoes that I love or wear most. While I was taking the pictures, Mini wandered in, saw what I was doing, and dumped a pile of hers for me to photograph too.

So, first up, here are mine:
Yep, a mixed bunch (and only the tip of the shoe iceberg), these are currently on the shoe rack in the hall!

These I bought yesterday. 80's or what? They are flats (I generally wear flats elsewise I cause injury to me and anyone I land on, or as I'm 5 foot 8 I look like a tranny in heels).

They are amazing, and I plan on wearing them with just a plain top and jeans, so they really stand out. They are green and black, and now I must buy a handbag to match. Any excuse. Elder was not impressed, in his view they are too 80s, but as I told him, he was old enough in the 80s to wear the fashion (believe me I have seen photos), and I was a baby.

Absolute fave, and surprisingly a pair I can walk in for a few hours. They go with jeans, they go with dresses, I have had them for years and years and they are funky. These are a pair which actually made it up safely from Kent to Berkshire when we moved, only because they were still in their Topshop box and I had them hidden inside another box which I believe I wrote CDs on the side of so Elder would bring it. They are quite high, but really comfy. They were actually given to me as a gift, I forget who by, but I think it could've been the Nephews girlfriend at the time. Or possibly not, but I definitely didn't buy them myself!

A relative newbie to the Shoe pile, these are Hobbs boots, and have been worn all winter, although they are still like new. They are kind of like a cross between a Motorcycle Boot, and a Horse riding pair. They weigh a tonne, and very comfy and sturdy (and those of you who went to the Zoo Meet up will know I wore them there, and it was about the driest part of me that day, my feet). Strangely, I can get one off with no trouble, but the right one, I have to get Mini to help pull off- she knows this so well now she comes and grabs the end when I sit down to take them off! These will last forever. Or until I get bored.

 These are my lazy trainers, for when I'm just too lazy to wear boots, or am just slumming it. I have a blue pair too. They are really comfy, and go in the wash, but are crap when it rains, as they are canvas, so leak. Had a pair of these on and off for about 10 odd years, not this pair, obviously. The laces always annoy me though as they are stupidly long. They are my "bit of fun". They only really go with flared jeans though, or they make my feet huge.

So, there are my shoes! Onto Mini's!

Her "Sparkly Boots" (the Uggs), her "Sandallies" (From Next, bought for her Christmas party, when her tights were more expensive then her shoes and dress) and her (Converse) "Booties" (which she wears with everything) 

And here's her "Welly Boots", which are not wellies, but just pink boots. She has decided she is wearing these today.

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  1. If i were to post a pic of all the shoes i love to wear and wear the most i think it would take up 100 pages. Seriously! and i have a whole wardrobe FULL of shoes i dont even wear but they look sooooo pretty! Great post xx


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