Monday, 21 June 2010

CYBERMUMMY: Carrying on the Meet and Greet! Not just Me Being Narcissitic.

 The very clever Carly, formerly of WADS and now of Mummys Shoes blog, has had the very good idea to do an informative blogette introducing ourselves prior to Cybermummy.

Considering that when we all went to the Zoo meet up, I couldn't remember anyones names and thought it may appear slightly rude to refer to someone as Mrs or Ms [Insert Blogname here], this appears to be a great way of finding out who is who, and what they like.

So, here goes.

First up, here is me:

(I'm the one with the dark hair).

My name, surprisingly enough, is not 20somethingmum, but Claire Curran!

I am 28 years old, but I look younger (trust me, its not always a good thing) and now live in Berkshire, but am from the rough end of Kent, Medway!

My Twitter ID is @20somethingmum

I am 5 foot 7, and will be wearing flat shoes, due to my ability to look like a transvestite in heels. That and I fall over in them. Even if I'm not pissed.

My hair is brown, kind of scruffy, as no matter how many times I brush it its always a mess. Its kind of shoulder length with grown out layers, but I may get it cut just before, depends on my level of can't be arsedness.

My eyes are green, but I will be wearing black square framed glasses, kind of kooky geek chic Gok Wan styled ones. Not in an ironic way- my way of picking glasses is to look at the rack, grab the first pair I see, and go "that'll do". To me my glasses are purely so I don't walk into random stuff. Or fall over in flat shoes.

I'm also naturally fair, my nicknames at school were "Milkbottle", "Casper", and "Holland". But that last one was due to my lack of boobs. Glad to say, no longer an issue!

I have big feet. A size 7 and a half in some shops.  
Likes (and I wont be putting what Elder said "the sound of my own voice being opinionated and not knowing when to shut it").

Music, especially disco, Blondie, Amy Winehouse, Frank Zappa, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Beatles, anything 80s cheese, Ska, pop, Robbie Williams, Yeah, pretty much anything other than Country, except Dolly cos she rocks.

Reading, anything chick lit, or biographies.

Vintage everything, love 60s, 70s and some 80s clothes and shoes- I hate following fashion as such and am more likely to be wearing Primark knock offs than Prada, but due to my love of vintage and retro I seem to follow more than I intend. Like take my jeans- 4 pairs, all flared, to the point I trip over them, and can't wear them in the rain.

Handbags, mainly Ollie and Nic ones. I am addicted to these. In fact I will have one of my collection with me, although owning to the fact I have about 10, I'm not sure which.

Wine. And doing daft things whilst drinking wine. 

Things I don't like, well, more to the point thing- Politics. 

I don't strictly get it. Which is odd seen as I studied it for A'Level.  Like I'm watching a programme, or listening to it, about ways to get rid of the Budget Deficit (whatever that is). I thought it was a 100 Million deficit, but Elder said that it was actually 100 billion, as a 100 million wouldn't be that much. To which I replied that if 100 million isn't a lot why don't I have that much in the bank? And if I was to declare myself a country, does that mean I would be given that much by the World Bank? Elder tutted. 

Thats not to say I'm an air head, I just don't see why that if the country is poor, we don't just print more money? We can make up reasons to go and declare war on countries that turn out to be crap. But Elder says thats not allowed. So why can't they pass a law allowing it? See, confusing.

I'll shut up now.
Oh yeah, and I have two mad kids too!

So, thats moi.

Just don't bloody ask me what I'm wearing. I have no idea!



  1. Hope you have a fab time! Mich x

  2. Thanks for joining in the meet and greet...look forward to meeting you x

  3. Really looking forward to meeting you Claire :)


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