Monday, 23 August 2010

THE GALLERY: Two Things I'm Proudest Of.

And no, one of them is not my blog. Hell no. I actually hate the bloody thing, and blogging at the moment, but I'm past even bothering to comment on the state we all find ourselves in. I have literally been in my room this morning, crying my heart out, feeling sick and well, enough's, enough. I am not the most stable person mentally. I'm not ashamed to admit that I suffer with depression, and I am Bi Polar. And you know when things are getting so out of control that you find yourself jumping at your other half cos you're just so shaky? Well, it's causing upsets at home too.  And that's the cut off point for me. If people want to bully, or bitch or what have you. Then no matter what a few of us say, it wont stop. And continuing to do posts about it, all of us, its not going to go away. There are positives in blogging, I'm not completely blinkered. I get to talk to some amazing people, and do amazing things. My kids literally think the Postman brings them toys and things all the time cos he does that to other kids too. I love the way some of you crack me up.

Anyhow, thats it, just to say this is my Gallery Entry for this week, and the theme is "A Picture You Are Proud of". 

Taken on Saturday by Elder in my kitchen at home.

These two are my life. They are my reason for being, not some stupid page or pages on the internet. They need a Mummy who is happy. Not one who is upset and anxious at what she writes. Whats meant to be something she enjoys. They love me no matter what faults I may have, or things I can't do. They look up to me for guidance. 

And I want to be able to give them the right guidance. Not be a flake.

My Babies. I am proud of them.


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a rough day. Hope things look up soon!

  2. now that smiley face is much better to see on your blog than the state you were on this morning. :)
    sory if I was harsh... as I said I didn't want to assign blame... just end a discussion (and looks like it worked... :) )
    blogging is supposed to be about the fun and the sharing... well at least in theory.
    we'll always pay the price for saying what we want... :)
    live and let live... life is too short!

  3. *big hugs* try to ignore the bitching, just support those who are struggling with it. They want to get a rise out of people.

  4. That picture says a thousand words, and more. It's beautiful. I think you are being brave and strong and admirable for the simple fact that you 'know your limits' so to speak with your depression and Bi Polar. They are difficult diseases to live with and you seem to have a mature and sensible understanding of them.

    I just wanted to say well done.
    Sorry for rambling on ;-)
    Take care
    Kate Collings

  5. That is a beautiful picture - the way your baby is looking up at you is worth a thousand words on the blog.

    I hope you know that you are loved, and valued. Take care of you and your family first and foremost - your friends will always be here to support you in anything you do x


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