Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Muddling Alongs MADS Introductions!

Yes, its THE MADS on Monday (did you know, its just a small event, hardly even spoken of, if you ask me, its a bit hush hush you know) and Muddling Along Mummy has asked everyone to say hello and introduce themselves, kind of the same as the Cybermummy meet and greets.

So, I'm going in the capacity of, well, going cos I was invited and its an excuse for a girlie night out, if I'm completely honest! I didn't get to stay over at Cybermummy, and was really disappointed after seeing what a good time everyone had who did. 

So here's me:

The next question is one I actually think may have been causing Sally issues as she has become rigid with boredom due to the whole discussion, on Blogger.Ed even down to the possibility of wearing leather trousers, which led to a whole off shoot conversation regarding Lederhosen and then Howard from Take That's chaps with arse view. Hmmm.

I shall be wearing a long black maxi dress there and for the reception, then changing into a very nice knee length sixties looking dress. Its black with a white peter pan collar. With leggings. And I finally sorted out my shoe issues from my post on women's need for more baggage than men, and have just gone and bought a pair of shoes from New Look. They are suede, with a small heel, but best of all, they have silver studs. Rawking.

I have also located my missing vintage clutch bag, about an hour after buying a silver clutch bag from Peacocks in desperation, but never mind as it only cost me a fiver from the kids department! 

I have, however got a new designer bag, a Radley Hobo in pink which I love. And the biggest secret is that, well, please don't hurt me for my jamminess, I went to a jumble sale for want of anything better to do, now that Mini is at playschool from 9-12 every day, Elder has now nearly ended the raves outdoors season and has a window before the raves indoors start, so he has Littlest if I want to go off and mooch, lady of leisure style. 

So, yes, having been caught in the rain with no coat, I walked past my local Salvation Army hall, and a little old lady told me to come in and have a cuppa, as there was a sale on and it was better than being in the rain. 

I felt quite sorry for her, actually, 'cos Maidenhead being singularly the poshest place, ever, they don't "do" second hand, much less jumble sales in church halls with old ladies- except to drop off their old tat. So, apart from a few other little old ladies with twinkles in their eyes and hopeful of mass attendance looks in their gazes, there was a young couple with a baby, and me. 

I had a quick look, and spotted a few bits and pieces, not much to my taste, but I felt I should show willing and if all else failed I could buy a book. Then I spotted a box of jumbled up bags.

Now, bags are my downfall, I love them, especially vintage bags. And this being a sale which looked like it had predominantly been donated by the little old ladies now sat looking downcast, I thought there was a slim chance of finding a gem or two.

When I looked, there were loads of common as muck bags from M&S, Primark, and I when I found a bag for life, I nearly gave up. Then I spotted something. A pink, soft as butter leather something. 

I have spidey sense, or the bag equivalent of it. Pulling out a dirty bag at the bottom, I knew this was special. I was right- inside was the tell tell Dog logo in silver- a Radley Hobo drawstring bag. 

I found it quite hard to contain my glee at finding this gem. I have wanted a Radley for a while, so finding one here in a jumble sale, well, I could quite frankly have kissed the old lady who suggested having a look as a means to escape the rain.

Then I went to pay for it. And the old lady on the tin (not till, tin, as in Biscuit, rattling with a 20p coin), took one look and said " Are you sure you want that love, its a bit battered". I said it was a bit dirty, but I'd give it a clean and it'd be fine- in fact I took a baby wipe out of my handbag and showed her. "Oh I'd much rather that posh bag you have already, is it real Chanel?" she asked- she had no idea what the bag was I was holding, and whilst vintage Chanel is admittedly dearer than Radley, its still a Radley, and it was in a jumble sale.

She asked me for 25p. I nearly choked- I can't possibly give you 25p, its worth something, I said. 
"Oh, she said, it doesn't matter to me, I think its knackered. Tell you what, you can give me 50p instead then!"

God bless old ladies. I did give her 50p, but I stuck a load of change in the box for donations on the way out.

I looked it up when I came home- it was originally 279 quid new! In a while it'll probably go up, if they discontinue them.

It has lost the swingy leather dog from the side, but you can replace those for a few pounds on EBay.

Thank you, rain. Thank you for running late Mini and making me forget my coat and brolly. Thank you posh lady of Maidenhead who ditched the bag, probably in favour of a Mulberry. Thank you daft old ladies who have no idea what labels are. 

Yes, so that's me, bargain hunter extraordinaire, lover of music, writing, and Mum of two. 

I cannot wait to see everyone x


  1. Jealous of bag-spidey sense...enjoy!

  2. Loving your bag vibes - can't wait to see it

  3. Radley bags! I covet them, especially the limited edition ones with the pretty pictures on the side..well done!Enjoy the MADS, my mate Jo (Slummysinglemummy) is up for an award, bless her. Have a fab time!

  4. what no pics of the bag!!

    Hope you have a good time at the MADS, no falling over drunk OK!!!


  5. Jealous of a Radley bag? Not me! I'm going now!

  6. Hello there, I am new to your blog, but i love your writing. Reading every word just makes me think of my mother (that's a compliment lol). I look forward to reading your past and your future posts!


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