Wednesday, 15 September 2010

MADS Bad and Dangerous to...Drink With!

Tee hee!

Yes, Monday saw quite a few of the finest of Britains Bloggers trek across the country (or from Lapland if you're Heather, I'm presuming a sled was involved with a couple of hardy huskies) to reach Bognor Regis (which was very definitely in a Southern direction) for the final of the MADS awards.

Now, can I say what a legend an glutton for punishment a certain Ms Whittle is? She gets a bit of stick, but my, she obviously got the organisation skills of a team of twenty to pull off such a great night in a lovely locale, more or less single handedly (offer of help next year still stands sweetie, have skills, will travel).

A special mention goes to my road trip driver, the very lovely Emma at Mellow Mummy (who played my CDs in the car, despite them going from one style of music (ie Bowie) to another (ie DJ Luck and MC Neat)), she is such a good blogger that she managed to get us the loan of a car, a very comfy Kia C'eed, so I didn't have to negotiate four trains with luggage.  I was also very pleased that she had more luggage than me and gratefully pointed this out to Elder to prove its not just me. Hope you're house is sorted soon, if all else fails move to Maidenhead!

I also have to say how amazing Butlins is- no more leaky chalets, no more bingo (there may have been but I was too busy chillin' out in the spa, even the balcony pool in the rain, that's how hardcore we are). The room we were in was gorgeous, and I now have ideas on how to decorate my bathroom and bedroom at home. I wish I had a cleaner like they have too!

A full list of winners is at Whose the Mummy

Tim from Bringing Up Charlie was absolutely shocked and stunned to have won the title of Best MAD Blogger, but never was there a more suitable candidate for the award, and he even put up with us mad women in the bar. That in itself deserved an award!

Pippa kept us all laughing, so it was no surprise she won the award for Best Family Fun, and well done to Jo at Slummy Single Mummy for winning Best New MAD Blogger.

With the awards at a satisfying close, it was off to celebrate in a sedate, adult fashion with a few coffees.


Yes, us Mum's may seem mild mannered, but a few bottles of free wine and we regress to our pre-child drink buckets selves. Well, I did anyway, and everyone will back me up that Jo joined in to, even demanding bars be kept open and stealing balloons, which she later showed us an unknown before skill of balloon modelling (which was either a dog or a phallic hat).

First prize for inventive use of Table decorations goes to Emma at Me, The Man and The Baby. Truly admirable.

There was an avalanche of laughing, happy chatting and loads of gossiping, all in a friendly manner, of course! We were so naughty that a Red Coat had to tell us to be quieter, and then we had to move indoors as we were waking people up! Ooops, sorry to any guests in the Shoreline!

I went to bed with a warm glow that wasn't necessarily due to the wine, and have to say had a great night.

Then all too soon it was breakfast time (yum, a full English and you could stack your plate high for £8.95), I had a whistle stop manicure (first time ever, have to say I may be doing that more often), a brisk stroll on the beach (getting blown to smithereens) and then home again to a mad child in a swimsuit.

See you all soon! Here's some photos and videos from the day!
The Ocean Hotel-Butlins but not as we know it

Mini would live here. Fact.
Party Time!
An inventive use for table decorations!
We are all drinking lemonade. Shandy at most. Really. Stolen bottles of wine? Never!


  1. Someone really ought to tell Emma to be careful with those candles... and why, in every picture of me from the night, have I always got a glass of something in my hand?

    Oh yes, I remember why...

  2. Looks like a brilliant night - glad you all had fun (not jealous at all lol)

  3. Brilliant post and pics, what a fab couple of days x

  4. Was great to see you again. What fun we had. Can't wait to do it all again! x

  5. Was wonderful to see you hunni! xx

  6. Those balloons are going to haunt me forever...

    They started out as poodles I'm sure, I really don't know where the phallic hats came from - somewhere deep in my subconscious...

    Lovely to see you again!



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