Friday, 22 October 2010

Has It Really Come to This?

Shhblogger aside, I have a few things to say after the fall out from it that need to be said.

Firstly if you are here on my blog, its because I'd like you to be here as you enjoy what I write about. I love blogging in the sense that I have helped make a difference by joining in with the Blogger's For Haiti campaign, and for the Mona Lisa Million too. I make no secret of the fact I want to further my writing into a career, something that unfortunately allows the bitches in blogging (and sorry, there are a hell of a lot of bullies in this so called community), to open fire on me from all sides. 95% of the time I can shrug it off, but I'm only human. 

Secondly, we have reached a point now where no one is singularly able to behave in a way that we are meant to, we bitch, we back stab and we bully. Out of jealousy in my opinion. 

I never received one nasty out burst from anyone, either publicly or privately, until I started to do well with the blog. But as soon as Family Panel took off, and I won an award at the Gurgles, well, from when I was nominated for the Gurgles, that was it. The nastiness took over from people I formerly looked up to. 

Now if someone comments on my blog, I will be polite and try to make time to answer if someone asks a question. What I would never tolerate is if someone was to comment on my blog and then received an attack from another blogger, whether they remained anonymous or not. When I blogged on my appalling treatment by another blogger without naming names, people commented and at least 3 people where threatened with legal action. I stuck up for them, and told the person involved to leave these people alone. 

Sadly, it would appear that not everyone has the same opinion as me, and it would appear that its more a case of "you say what you like and be disgusting to another person so long as I'm friends with you, and in fact in that case I'll join in". I draw your attention to the comments section of this blog, written purely in my opinion to gain more views and hits from a situation, where I am openly targeted for abuse, with the full backing of the writer. So much so that this person continued to verbally abuse me via Twitter too, until I blocked them and reported them to Twitter for bullying. I hasten to add this was a male, picking on a woman. Which in itself is disgusting.

Where I'm from, people are allowed to have an opinion. Its a fundamental right of the society we live in. But unfortunately I have learned that in blogging, especially UK parent blogging, its a case of "leave your ability to form an opinion at the door, shut up and do as you are told". Don't get too well known so as to gain more popularity to the self styled "popular goddesses". Know your place, and we'll decide when and if you can have your moment in the limelight.

I have now had so much abuse, and the top dogs are allowed so often to hassle me, that one particular low listed blogger, more usually to be found writing about her warped sexual desires, decided to accuse myself and two others of "bullying" her. 

Had we? No. 

I had never ever spoken to her. I didn't follow her on Twitter. I do not follow her blog. My only theory as to this was that this person sent me a Friend Request on Facebook, and due to the fact that I didn't know her, hadn't met her or conversed with her online, and we have markedly different blogs, I declined. She sent it again, and I declined again. Sour grapes? Possibly, but I know that her followers on Twitter and her blog increased because she lied for sympathy. 

Now I'd rather have less readers that go for sympathy hits myself, but that's because I consider myself a professional writer. If I needed to write for sympathy, than frankly I'd give up.

I will say this- the ShhBlogger scandal Whimper has taught me that in blogging, people's lives are that dull and unfulfilled that something which lasted a mere 24 hours was whipped up into being widely referred to as a scandal. I also learned who my real friends are.

We live now and write within a community where when I stuck up for a fellow blogger who had her husband systematically stolen from her and her children by a blogger she considered to be a friend. Has this person been blacklisted form the community? No. In fact, I tell her to go away from a community and stop being self righteous and what happens? I'm the bad guy. I'm the one spoken about in a negative way. In favour of someone who is a marriage wrecker. That's how low we have fallen.

You know what- one day one of you who think you are so amazing as to be untouchable, to walk over people's feelings, one day you'll go too far. I've been there, when someone can no longer handle the bullying that was written off as harmless fun. I blogged before about it, and its tragic consequences.

People need to remember, we may be the parents of children, but we don't have to behave like them.

* And to those of you who feel it is fine to continue to be abusing towards me via comments, no I will not publish them, why should I inflict your words on others. In fact to my mind I am doing you a favour. Try and justify it all you like, but I and my true friends know the reality of the situation, and if my name is mentioned directly or hinted at on your blogs I am in my right to seek Police and legal advice. And yes, for those of you just happening to read this, that's what it has now come to. A group of narrow minded morons who think its funny to be rude to someone for no reason. Yet they are that moronic, they feel able to completely justify their frankly slanderous behaviour.


  1. As usual have missed all of these shennanigans, but you have my complete support in standing up to bullies. x

  2. You have my full support in stopping all this backstabbing and bullying. All the sniping comments are unnecessary and immature. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and many others too. You have hit the nail on the head when you say we are parents of children and we should not behave like them. By all means stand up for yourself, it is a real shame that you should have to. Why can we all not support each other and celebrate each others achievements instead of some being resentful. Keep up the blogging lovely, take care MWAH!

  3. wow... some reasons why i hate ppl... you should tell em drinking and blogging don't mix lol!!


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