Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Bucket List, How Much Have I Failed!?

It will be my 29th birthday on the 10th of February, and seen as its the last year of my twenties, I've been doing a bit of a life laundry.

After going through some draws in a cabinet I've had for literally years, I found an old notebook, which apart from being covered in stickers, and song lyrics, had some silly observations and lists.

These lists were from when I was 18, some before and some after meeting Elder. I was always making lists and writing things down, observations on life, things that were troubling me. I suppose it was the original of this very blog and my Twitter usage but with a pen and paper!

One list that stuck out was "Things I am Going to Do Way Before I am 30".

I do in fact remember, vaguely, writing it, in the middle of a rather boozy evening with Elder and another friend.

On this list were things which in some cases were very silly, but in others quite achievable, but it was obviously in this notebook along with everything else and forgotten about.

    The list includes:
    •  Read an Important book, like 1984 or War and Peace
    This I actually tried to do, not that long after making the list. I borrowed War and Peace from my library, read about 2 chapters. And found it so inherently borrowing I couldn't bear to try and read anymore. I did, however, read the Godfather series one after another. And One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. And Animal Farm (which was amazing!). So, whilst 1984 and War and Peace had been swapped for these other titles, I like to think the replacements have been from the modern classic shelf.
    • Go abroad
    No, haven't managed that! I'm not entirely sure why, I would love to blame the kids, however being that we've been together 11 years and Mini is not even 4 yet, its sheer laziness on my part. That and the idea of getting on a plane scares me. My lovely Sister in law is hoping to move to Italy, which is somewhere I'd love to go to, so finally I'd have no excuse with free accommodation!
    • Go to a Festival/see a live band that isn't Petburger
    Petburger, by the way, were a local band, and admittedly they were very good. In fact, their lead singer went onto form a new band and got a new name, ad has since been on the NME Cool List, and supported some quite well known bands including the Charlatans. However, I had never seen anyone remotely famous (at the time Petburger's claim to fame was that my sister had snogged not one but two of the three members), or been to a festival. Since the list being made, I have been to Bug Jam 2003, I saw Take That in 2009, and of course last year I went to Camp Bestival. So that's a big fat tick for that one!

    • Get so drunk I can't remember my own name
    Yes, that's right, I was 18 when I wrote this list, and obviously at 18 drunkenness was such a new thing it rated highly. Whilst I haven't got as drunk as that (and lets face it, who has?) I have had some great nights and times which have involved drinking!

    • Grow an appreciation of drink other than Lambrini
    I can't even imagine drinking Lambrini now, instead I like a nice glass of Echo Falls Rose. Much more refined!

    • Go to a House club
    I think this may have come out because at the time I listened to nothing other than Nirvana and Foo Fighters, and Elder was a fan of dance music. Whilst I haven't been to a house club, I do love a bit of funky house, and have a wider range of music that I enjoy now. Cheers Elder!
    • Get married
    Nope. Not going there! But I do have my babies a a consolation prize!

    So, whilst I haven't achieved all of these (there were more but far too silly ones), I have a year left. So, fingers crossed I'll sort the rest out.


    1. War and Peace is a book that even though I know I should read it - soo not going to happen!!
      If it helps I haven't been abroad since I was 17 and am now (hang on need to work this out) mm 35!! ssh


    2. i feel u should think positive.. many of the people are there who r living below us

    3. love the list! i am also turning 29 this year and 2 kids! oh boy, oh boy!! lol


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