Friday, 11 February 2011

Dear So and So Good Old Daily Fail

Its Friday! Its Dear So and So time!

Dear Birthday

Yes, you were slightly neglected yesterday. Having you fall on a Thursday, the most crappest day of the week, was unfortunate. But come Saturday, we'll pretend its my birthday again and really celebrate. Minus the kids obviously.

Here's to the last year of my Twenties

Dear Mini

Don't let the mean kid at playschool spoil it for you. Its hard being your age, not understanding that if someone is nasty to you its fine to shout at them and stand up for yourself. Please don't let it ruin your happiness, when you're not at playschool, he wont come to our house, or your Aunts house, I promise. It makes me mad for you being so sad all the time. Just remember that this boy is just jealous at how gorgeous and well liked and confident you are. 

Love you

Dear Littlest

I am glad you have finally decided to sleep through, frankly if you hadn't Mummy would probably have collapsed from lack of sleep. Now can you please use the potty? 

Love you baby

Dear Elder

The excuse "I can't hear the kids so why should I get up" is not good enough, you git. Sort it out or else.


Dear Daily Fail

Lol (She says whilst typing on the computer and half watching the kids)

Ms C (Unmarried Mother of 2, not yet a home owner) Maidenhead

Dear Blog World

Debate. Look it up. You can't wax lyrical about your love of debate, then shout people down because you don't like them. Seriously, I nearly wet myself with mirth at that yesterday, even more so than the Daily Fail article. 
Also look up double standards whilst you're there. 



Dear Blog

WTF am I going to call you next year when I turn 30? I may have to lie about my age. It works for Joan Rivers....

29 Year Old Mum

Dear Readers

You rawk (as always) 



  1. Are people still on about that Daily Fail article. *rolls eyes*

  2. I rawk?! Oh Rawk! Oh okay!!! Have a good weekend and celebration for your 21st Birthday...

  3. I stopped counting my age so you can still be 20 something. Its so much better than being 30 something but nearly at the middle of the 30 something bit!

  4. great letter, poor Mini - don't you want to shake kids like that!
    so true about the debate!


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