Monday, 28 March 2011

Coloured Denim- What's That All About?

Over the weekend I have been continuing my quest to replace all the heaps of clothes I threw out of the wardrobes and sold on EBay with new ones, mostly from EBay too.

It was the turn of that staple of everyone's wardrobe, jeans, as I have but two pairs I wear all the time, one pair of skinny jeans which, due to their lack of Lycra or stretch are very hard to get on or off, so which I wear on nights out only, and a pair of very old black stretchy boot cut jeans which I re-dyed as they were going charcoal, but which are fraying.

After the weekend we have just had, where my house resembled the olden days when plague was rife, and one child (Mini) was being sick constantly, and the other child (Littlest) had, well, the other end issues, I needed to do 8 loads of washing, and anytime Mini was sick, I had to jump up quickly because of my lack of jeans.

In between bouts of washing and cleaning up various ill related incidents, (thank heavens for the new leather couches), I had a peruse on Ebay for some nice jeans. To me, I should really have 4 wearable pairs, at least one pair which can be dressed up or down. I'm not fussed on designer versus high street, and I don't mind second hand as I always find they've been worn in-new denim can be quite stiff and uncomfortable.

What has put me off buying jeans online is that I always prefer to try them on- I am quite tall and some shops denim fits well, whilst others come up short, or too tight or too loose.

But I broke the rule and bought two pairs, brand new, and paid under a fiver for both pairs. That way, if they do get here and I don't like the fit, I can put them back on sale.

Anyway, this started a discussion with Elder about coloured denim. I spotted a pair of bright candy pink jeans, and showed Elder, which made me wonder why someone would want to wear pink jeans? Surely in my size, you'd look like you had marshmallows for legs?

I can say I have never ever owned coloured denim of any kind. I have owned blue or black jeans or jackets, but never any other colour. I have worn shell suits, and bum bags when they were fashionable, even wearing a shell suit with a bum bag, but I recall at that time the, to my mind, worse crime of green or bright acid orange shades of denim. Yeuch!

Brown Jeans- not a wise choice!
I am aware from Elder that my Sister in Law once wore yellow denim dungarees. Yellow!

Who wears these things? I think Kate Moss would find it hard to pull this look off.

Or leopard print denim- thats even worse! When I think of leopard print anything, I immediately think of Julie Goodyear, and she always reminds me of drag queens- seriously, I used to get her and Paul o'Grady mixed up.

I don't understand who actually buys these things?

Coloured denim surely makes you look like an 80's Kids TV presenter. Or one of the Wiggles.

No, coloured denim- no thanks. I'll stick to my navy blue.

Have you ever worn coloured denim? If so- why?


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  1. They were the thing to wear when i was in mid teens (from about 13-15/16) and i had pairs in just about every colour (including yellow lol) . My fave pair were skin tight red and my phyisics teacher in high school once asked me if i came to school with white ones on and unexpectedly got my period????? He was a weird guy

  2. Oh yes coloured denim is very kids tv presenter says she who has fond memories of a pair of bight red skin tight jeans when she was 13 *ahem


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