Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Love List

Yes, its time for a list which I will start off trying to do once a month and then will completely forget about (until someone asks me when the next one is coming on Twitter), or I will get bored by. Come on, help me out here, I have such a crap boredom thresh hold that I find films hard to cope with- by 45 minutes in unless something really captivates me I get up and grab a book. Don't even ask me about subtitled films, Elder has tried several times to get me to watch Amelie, but I just can't be bothered to read whats going on and my french is very poor.

That said, if anyone wants to join in with The Love List, feel free! I may even make a badge. If I can remember how to.

Anyway, here's what I am offering a big thanks for to whoever makes good stuff happen. The nice stuff in life.

1) The Bratlings and what they say:

In my house, Action Man is not Action Man. He is Action Dude. He even has his own song, which is loosely based on the old 80s ad theme, which went "Action Man the greatest hero of them all", but ours is " Action Dude he is a Dude who is a Dude". Yes it needs work. The cutest thing is Littlest's way of really elongating the dude bit, so its exaggerated. Bless.

2) Sunshine!

I know its only been here for two days (well it has in Maidenhead), but yay, its sunny. Not warm, granted, but fine enough for me to disregard my parker and buy sandals. I hate wearing shoes, boots or trainers, so the buying of sandals marks a change in my general mood. More up beat.

3) Twitter

I hate to say it, but I am a certified (or certifiable, perhaps) Twitter addict. However, I'm not big on the whole following celebs. The only interest I have in them is when they look fat in Heat (tee hee, Cheryl Cole in this weeks edition). No, what I love is the power of the thing, to help raise awareness of new musical talent, new authors, new ways of thinking. When Japan got hit so badly, and we would previously not known what to do to help, within minutes everyone was reposting and linking to charities you could donate to. Also, it was an affective way of people caught up in the disaster to let worried loved ones know they were safe. I follow a Japanese blogger, who happens to create cheats for a game I play on Facebook, and was worried that she may have been hurt (or worse), but within a few hours she was able to let us know she was safe and well.

Whenever I feel like the day is just that little bit too long, I can guarantee that I can log in and there will be something to make me laugh.

4) Babies

Everyone is having babies, I know its spring but blimey! However, being of the mind that 2 is quite enough, its lovely to see all the ickle baby pics on Facebook. Looking, mind you. That'll do me!

5) Freedom!

After the chat at Christmas with the Sisters in law,(OK I chickened out and told Elder to have a word. And he chickened out and asked his eldest sister to have a word) we've been able to go out without the kids. I love the Bratlings so much, but when you're with them 24/7, you need a bit of peace, a bit of time to be a couple again. Not just Mummy and Daddy. And its not like we go out clubbing until 3am. In fact, when it was Elder's birthday this weekend, we went out, had a game of pool (I nearly beat him), a few drinks in a few bars, then decided to jump in a cab and get a take away delivered. If you don't like the music they play in the pub, I say go home and play your own!

Speaking of which:

6) Mad conversations in a cab

We were waiting for quite a while for our cab on Saturday. It was 9pm in the town centre, so no surprise. As we were waiting, a young guy asked for a cab at a bar right near our house, so we let him jump in our cab when it came. Obviously, we got chatting and he had come to try and chat up a girl he really liked, even though he wasn't from  the area. Bless. He asked us our tips for being a couple, which was funny, and turned out his Dad was a Gills fan too. He wouldn't let us pay our share of the cab, so I really hope he got the girl. Bless.

7) Mini will eat!

Yes, the fussiest of fussy mares has finally decided what she likes to eat other than sweets and cheerios. My Girlie has discovered a love for good old fashioned Macaroni Cheese, made with ham (and not macaroni. She didn't think it was pasta so we use the stuff we usually buy), as well as Pizza as long as I make them myself. Her fave is sausage, ham and salami on top with lashings of cheese. I know they aren't perhaps the healthiest of options, but its better than her refusing to eat.

8) Wardrobe Love

Have you ever gone to your wardrobe and hated every single thing in it? I did two weeks ago. I finally managed to ditch the wardrobes of doom, which had gotten so dangerous and precarious that when I wanted to open them in the morning, I had to step back in case they fell on me. Not good. So I bought a pair of very nice new ones, and being that these were smaller, set about having a clear out.

Said clear out resulted in me owning 2 pairs of jeans and a few tops. Not great for a working wardrobe. The thing is, the things I had that I didn't like were still in good nick and perfectly serviceable. So the pile went to the Land of EBay, and I made a tidy sum. It started a mass clear out, so then I had the fun of replacing the stuff I'd gotten rid of with stuff I like. Which means I now have space in the cupboard and a wardrobe of stuff I actually like, which fits.

9) Cybermummy excitement

Its soon people, its very soon, and I cannot wait to see you all. Especially with the party that Mocha Beanie Mummy has promised us for afterwards.....

10) Going to London

I am a lazy cow. I am always getting invited to do's in London, and I wuss it at the last minute. Well, not anymore. I intend to go to the opening of an envelope if it means I can network. I love London, but I get quite intimidated by the idea of tubes and places and I've always thought it was quite a scary place. However, if I want to get somewhere with this here blogging lark, I need to go shake some hands!

Bravery, people, that's the buzz word. Feel the fear and do it regardless.

What are you loving?

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