Saturday, 30 April 2011

Well That Was The Wedding, That Was

Unless your TV went on the blink (or you live under a very large rock), you couldn't have failed to witness the wedding yesterday.

The Royal wedding, which I studiously tried to ignore with my Scottish grr to the monarchy attitude (except my Nan loves them. Strange really), came and I found myself marginally excited about it. I must say putting the flags outside the house (any excuse) helped, and Mini was very excited about Catherine being a Princess.


So we turned on the TV, and Mini got herself into her very own Princess dress and crown, and people watched, with the Bratlings looking bewildered as I repeated who the great and the good were, whilst joining in the expected banter on Twitter. 

Posh Spice, who sadly I admit I admire from afar, as she has such good clothes sense, looked just as on trend as usual, and I hope in due course a non-maternity version of her frock will be gracing the High Street. Elton was his usual smiley self (and met with "The Queen's arrived" jokes on Twitter). 

I was pleased that Earl Spencer and his family attended- you always half expect him to get up and give the Royal's hell after his speech at Diana's funeral. I was disappointed that Fergie wasn't invited as it seemed sad to have her girl's there (in shockingly appalling outfits far beyond their years. Sack the stylist) and she be conspicuous by her absence, but that's the Royal's for you! 

Now, onto the main event- the frock. And boy, what a frock!

Catherine certainly did  us commoners proud, with a classic, classy and understated dress fit for, well, a Princess (except I hear she's not a Princess, but a Duchess), and was reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress. It lacked the over the top tulle and frills nightmares of previous weddings, and it really suited her. 

I loved that they feel comfy enough and happy enough to crack jokes with each other, there is an ease which can only come from their eight year courtship, and it was so nice to see the young Royal's break with the stuffy traditions which I feel has led to a negative attitude towards them for some time.

Harry was his usual jokey self, larking about and telling Pippa Middleton she looked "seriously hot" (God bless lip reading), and I think he's proving to be a catch as well as vying for "Most popular Royal" in the UK and beyond.

The kiss was great, less a forced effort like Charles and Diana, and cemented a great day.

We had fun at home watching the wedding, and seeing all the crowds and some of the outfits made specially by people, some of whom had travelled from all over the globe to catch the merest glimpse of the couple.

As I had to pop to the local shop, I took "Princess Mini" with me- I can't say my daughter has ever been smiled, waved and even beeped up before, but she certainly lapped all the attention up! She even got bowed at by a shopper, and she loved it (especially when the shopkeeper gave her a Kinder Egg!).

All in all, I was pleased to have tuned in, to what I thought would be a stuffy, formal affair but which turned out to be fun, lovely to watch, and a great day.

I wish them all the luck in the world.


  1. Same here! I can't believe how much I loved it. But the truth is I loved every minute. It was all so beautiful and such fun, you just couldn't help but be swept up in it all.

  2. It was a lovely wedding. And Catherine looked absolutely beautiful. Her father looked as if he was walking on air!

  3. A lovely write up of a lovely day!

  4. It was a wonderful wedding and sounds like everyone had a fab day! What a great write up! x

  5. yeah they are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, because he isn't next in line for the thrown. I think that is why.

    I cried the whole time!

    Sooo cute that you dressed her up as a princess way too lovely! Love those elton tweets!


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