Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The "What was I thinking?" Post

Inspired by the very brave and selfless actions of Nickie over at Typecast (selfless as we all laughed at her ahem, style choices in the 80s), who joined in with the April Blog Hop at the Tots 100 site I have looked through the archives of pics and found this gem from 1994.


L-R- Me, Louisa, Zoe and Claire S

Yep, that's some photo.

In it are myself, in a rather fetching grey lycra dress, which at the time I loved and wore until it fell apart (I liked it so much I still remember that I bought it, with my Christmas money, from an indie shop in Maidstone called Bootlegger). I also seem to have nicked Deidre Barlow's specs. Fringe is by my wonky of arm Mother. The necklace was a gift from a friend on a school trip to Whitby. I'm on the far left. I'm about 12. I'm also pleased that the pic is taken so you can't see I'm wearing black knee socks. Told you they stole my "look" for Rachel in Glee.

Next to me is Louisa, in the must have of '94 at Robert Napier School, the sleeveless cardigan, worn with the quintessential short kilt. Think she's channeling Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (we all did that then, hence my knee socks).

Next to her is bestie ever matey and more like sister Zoe, in a shirt which I had a copy of, doing double denim like no one else could (and even after 5 kids she's still as skinny, unlike me who is about a size 6 here and now you add a 1 on the front to get my current dress size).

On the end is another Claire, who now looks nothing like this at all, having (in her words) discovered straighteners! 

And don't we all think we look cool! 

Dear oh dear. Feel free to mock at will.


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