Monday, 23 May 2011

Comment: Why Oh Why Would You Ask Jedward?


Even the name makes me cringe and sets my gnashers on edge.

So, this morning on watching the BBC Breakfast show and hearing mention of the two of them, I immediately thought they may be appearing on the programme and looked for the remote.
(Face it, even Bleakley's miserable mug is better at before 9am than Jedward).

However, I soon heard the rest of the bulletin and to what context the gruesome twosome had been mentioned.

They are to play for Barack Obama during his state visit to Ireland.

Why on earth did anyone think that was a good idea?

I'm only a tad surprised, since Ireland seems to have no music taste to love the boys, that they didn't wheel them out for the Queen last week as well.

Seriously, how is it that every other irritating novelty act (that are very obviously picked to keep us watching as they get worse each week) to come from X Factor, such as Wagner, Chico ( teeth on edge saying that name too) and those weird Irish sisters Louis liked,  disappears to be seen at Butlins on an off week, except singularly the two most annoying brothers the world has ever seen?

Do they even have a record deal? Where do they get those awful suits they've now started wearing (as if the hair wasn't awful enough)? WHY ARE THEY SINGING FOR THE US PRESIDENT?

Does the Irish president not like the Americans, but keeps it to herself, and this is her humorous way of showing that she's not best pleased at him coming over? Is Ireland's economy that bad that they couldn't have got (only marginally more talented) Westlife in to sing instead?

It also means the boys will be on TV even more. I say don't encourage them, and then, hopefully, they'll disappear from sight soon enough.

It worked for B*Witched.


  1. So two, clean-living boys, having an enormous amount of fun, slightly taking the mickey out of themselves, isn't a good example for the youth of today? Plus they are the most popular music group in Ireland at the moment so it seems fitting that they play at nationally important events.

    Aren't we all a little bit bored with the "Stand Up For The Key Change" boys that are Westshite and Boygroan?

    And it didn't work for B*Witched. The twins are back with a new single.

  2. Fair point Nickie. Indeed they are a pair of cleaning living boys. Indeed Westlife are shite (I bloody cannot stand 'em) but I just really find them irritating. Thats obviously my disgusting music snobbery coming out in print, but I just really don't like them. Or Bieber. Or Cyrus (smiley Virus we call her). Or any poppet that jumps around like a tit on stage. Give me Pink Floyd any day. Or for Irish music, U2. (Not a fan of the Corrs either).

  3. Bono is so far up his own arse he can see his tonsils.

    I have music snobbery too. I wouldn't ever buy a Jedward song/album but after the ridicule they put up with during X-Factor and now earning more than all the other contestants in their year but together, you've got to admit that they're doing something right. Their PR machine is bloody amazing.


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