Sunday, 31 July 2011

Internet Weirdness- Accept No Imitations

Its not my usual style to post twice in one day, but you'll soon realise why I have.

As you know, on Friday I was at Nursey sister's wedding. It was lovely, as you can see from picture's I've posted on Facebook and Twitpic, as well as today's Silent Sunday offering.

I made a joke about having my phone taken by Elder to make sure I wasn't surreptitiously Tweeting during the vows. He did actually take the phone from me, but it didn't matter as the WiFi in the hotel was down, so I couldn't get online even if I'd wanted to. Which, for the record as I had such a great time, I wouldn't have wanted to anyway.

Saturday I was shattered and ignored the net save for posting a few pics, and went to bed incredibly early.

So, this morning, I got up to do my Silent Sunday, and found a message on Facebook from Typecast, telling me off for winding up her net hate squad on Mumsnet. Which I thought was pretty weird as I've practically been AWOL  since Thursday.

Then, I saw a few tweets at me. From someone using my real name. 

It seems, people, that some weird person, with too much time on their hands, has been going online to forums and Twitter, and has been using my real name, albeit spelt wrong, to flame people. 

Now, I know I'm not backward in saying what I feel. But I do know when enough is enough and I also know how to spell both the name I was christened with, and my 20somethingmum name too.

I have to give credit to Mumsnet- I immediately contacted them and they banned the impostor. But they also revealed this person, who can only be directed to their nearest Doctors Surgery for serious mental help pronto, has been doing this for months, all with variations of my name. 

Now, its no secret I'm not a fan of Mumsnet, or forums in general. I don't feel the small traffic influx justifies the bitchiness that prevails many of these forums eventually. I don't bother with it and feel happier for it. I did travel over to defend Nickie on Thursday, but as I tweeted it was like banging my head on a brick wall, and resembled The League of Gentlemen as they really don't want non-Mumsnetters joining the Mumsnet Blog Network. Which is up to them, and enforces my attitude on bitchiness. I told HimUpNorth that I had wished them peace and departed. Life's too short after all.

Now, to the person doing this.

I have suspicions of who you are. I can't be certain, and really, I'm not losing any sleep over it. Impersonation is the highest form of flattery, or so I'm told.

I would also argue that, with my gob and ability to use it in defense of myself or others I don't generally need someone going to forums or Twitter stirring up trouble. I'm quite good at doing that myself.

What I am not, though, is a bully. I don't stand for nastiness online. 

Those who know me, and have met me, know who I am, why I do what I do. 

Clearly, you think you are incredibly funny , witty even. You also must really not like me to do this, but surely the sensible option is to pretend I don't exist? Do you not think you're a bit, well, ill, to follow me around and stir? To actually set up accounts? Perhaps you need to reassess your life.

One thing made me laugh. When you posted at Mumsnet, pretending to be me, that I "Have no life" hence I do what you were doing. It seems to me someone who sets up accounts, several times over months, and actively goes online to write nastiness pretending to be me, for whatever reason you've done it, well, its more likely to be you who has "no life". I was with my loving family, having a lovely time, while you were sitting at home or on your mobile, writing nastiness using someone else's name. 

You've been caught out. If it continues now, I will make it a Police matter.

Everyone else.

If you even think that it's me, or have seen anything a bit weird knocking around, please, get in contact. I've pre-warned other sites of what's going on, but hopefully this very sad and possibly sick individual will now admit defeat and leave us all in peace.

Thank you.


  1. Oh my gosh. Some people have too much time on their hands!!!!
    Hope you get it sorted hun x

  2. Sorry to hear of the trouble that you are having. I did see the posts on Mumsnet, but it was obviously not you so I presumed it was someone being silly and trying to stir the thread up again - the name was spelled incorrectly and the writing was not consistent with yours. It was a pretty bad attempt at stirring up trouble, if you ask me.

    I hope that whoever it is stops it immediately, it must be annoying and upsetting for you.

    Glad you had a lovely day at the wedding, what a gorgeous bride!

  3. They have been doing this for months?????

    Someone who you've known for a while then?

    How do we know this is even you....? :S


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