Monday, 1 August 2011

Kate Gets "Royaled"

It wasn't just Nursey Sister in law who got a new husband this weekend- Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne (or Horsey as I like to call her) got married in Edinburgh to Mike Tindall.

It certainly wasn't an A Lister event like Wills and Kate's, that's for sure- with- Gasp- a Pop Bunny from The Saturdays in attendance.

The papers have been quick to post and print the most important information of the day- who wore what.

Firstly, it seems that if you're Royal (or invited to a Royal Event), you must wear nude coloured heels, whether they were all YSL Tribute shoes is another matter, but nude was the colour of the day footwear wise.

Secondly, did anyone see what Kate was wearing? Shocking!

I would like to add at this point that I really like Kate, and her ability to dress in upper High Street threads. But whoever styled her this weekend needs to be sent to the Tower, pronto.

Lets start from the top, shall we?

Its hard for me to describe the head-wear as a hat. It put me in mind of a Sky dish- white, round and HUGE!

It was the first thing I noticed, and lets face it, it could be seen from space- I imagine that NASA thought one of their dishes had fallen out the sky and landed on Kate's head.

As for the Jacket/dress thing. 

Another epic fashion fail, it looked very much like Kate had raided Camilla's wardrobe and borrowed it last minute. I've seen nicer event wear on Amy Childs. 

It was heavily patterned in some sort of ivory flock- curtains in an old ladies house springs to mind. And yes, Kate does do minimal make up well, but she looked washed out, and the hat just made her hair look flat and boring by comparison.

Has our fave Royal Fashionista been "Royal-ed"? Even Beatrice and Eugenie looked positively stylish by comparison.

What do I mean by Royal-ed?

Its the frock coats, the eye-watering bright colours, awful couture hats and fashions going back decades. True Frock Horrors, as seen worn by Fergie. Totes not rah.

Let's just hope this is a temporary blip for our Kate! Reiss and LK Bennet can surely send in their latest collections, after all, she has been great for business this year so far.

They owe it her- and us common folk, elsewise what on earth will we wear?!

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  1. she is usually so well dressed... that dress thing is so loud and it looks heavy and hell. Who pairs an off-white dress with a white hat... jeez... CLASH!!!

    as for the hat... no words but better than that other chicks hat at her wedding lol!


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