Monday, 27 February 2012

#GetTogether for Oxfam: Writing Prompt

As I mentioned yesterday, today marks the start of #gettogether for Oxfam and their wider events around International Women's Day (which is officially held on the 8th of March). 

Here in the West, we women are lucky in many ways. We very rarely experience inequality, and not in the ways our less well off sisters do in places like Ghana.

The writing prompt I'd like you all to go and scribble away to, or vlog, or a bit of both if you want to be really impressive is:

"What Freedom Means to Me"

What does freedom mean to you? How has having relative freedom to go out into the world made your life what it is today? Have you lost your freedom and found it again?

Get creative! Get that keyboard ready!

And get back here on Thursday to link up your post!

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