Sunday, 26 February 2012

#GetTogether Week Starts Tomorrow!

This is just a little post to remind anyone interested (hopefully that's lots of you and your mates too) that my special week for Oxfam starts right here tomorrow morning.

If you are having withdrawal symptoms from the incredibly popular Do Something Yummy prompts, then come back here tomorrow morning from 9am. I will have a question for you to write, vlog, whatever you like, which ties in nicely with International Women's Day.

The linky to post your links will be live from Thursday back here, and feel free to post those links at Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you fancy, mentioning Oxfam and #gettogether (that's the official hash tag for the week which Oxfam will be monitoring).

On Friday Nickie has very kindly let the Get Together week take over the Friday Twiz- she will be your quiz master for the evening as usual with questions set by me. The theme for the questions is "Women Rock", so get your girlie related thinking hats on!

Finally Saturday is the big one. From 7pm on Twitter, I hereby give you permission to drive Twitter mental! I'd love you to tweet, retweet and triple infinity tweet the hashtag, link to Oxfam (they're @oxfamgb by the way) and, if you happen to know a statistic that shocks you, then lets raise awareness of the inequality there is between our lucky selves and our Third World counter-parts.

No one is being asked, forced or moaned at to donate- Oxfam want to reiterate that to everyone involved. To them, if you want to donate then that's cracking, but it's more about raising awareness for the work they do, and leaving people with the option of donating if they feel they can.

Stats you may wish to tweet:

  • £1.50 can pay to immunise a child against 6 life threatening illnesses
  • £14 can provide legal advice for women prisoners
  • £46 can save the life of a Mother and her child by giving Oxfam the chance to train a Midwife in Ghana.
  • £50 can pay for a latrine when a flood or other emergency hits- preventing the spread of diseases
  • £135 can train 5 teachers to teach up to 250 girls- helping them out of a life of poverty.
  • £150 organises events to educate on discrimination, rights and encourages women to take action
  • £1,333 can cover the start up fees of a women led co-operative 
It shows how little can do so much- perhaps get creative and tweet "Today, I spent £1.50 on a drink. But that could save a child #getogether".

However you join in, its the taking part that counts- lets try and get this trending!

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