Monday, 11 June 2012

Is It Just Me: Who Thinks Its One Rule for the Cams And One Rule For Everyone Else?

You may remember my post questioning why Anthony Worrall-Thompson was allowed to get away with 6 incidents of shoplifting from his local supermarket before anyone called the Police.

At the time, I pondered why being in a privileged position as a celebrity chef equalled getting away with a crime that Joe Bloggs would have been arrested over straight away.

Well, once again, a position of privilege means yet another famous face gets away with something a normal person like you or I would have been in all sorts of trouble over. Its not just any famous face either- its David Cameron and his wife Samantha.

It seems that Dave and his missus, along with another couple and his bodyguard went for lunch at a pub in Buckinghamshire. The Cameron's brought their three kids along with them, and I should imagine, a very nice afternoon was had by all, considering the events which led the story to be reported on TV this morning.

(At this point, I like to imagine them glugging back bottles of wine on expenses, after all, this is the Tory Prime Minister we're talking about).

Off they went home, Dave getting in a car with his Bodyguard, and Sam Cam getting in a separate car with two of the children.

Notice the "two of the children" there. They both managed to forget one child, 8 year old Nancy, leaving her at the pub.

Neither noticed that the child was missing until fifteen minutes later on returning home, and both suggest the other was at fault as both thought the eldest of their kids was with the other in the other car.

Firstly, how the hell do you all manage to leave the pub at the same time, knowing you're off in different cars, and no one manages to communicate which kid is going with which parent?

Secondly, this isn't just a kid from normal parents, this is the PM's daughter, so why the hell was she not being closely guarded as a possible kidnap target? 

Thirdly, why on earth did no one at the pub ring the Police? This is an 8 year old girl, left at a pub, by both parents. 

This is yet again a case of the haves and have nots. I'm sure as hell that if Elder and I had gone to the pub with mates, got a bit squiffy and then left say Mini behind in the bar, only realising when we got home of our epic parenting fail, we'd have had the police and social services on our backs straight away, and with good reason.

Imagine, if you will, that the Cameron's were just any David and Samantha from, lets say, an estate, no PM, no Tory Party, no notoriety and money. Imagine they were in a pub on a Sunday and left their kid behind. The whole thing would look, as it does, appalling. Mum leaves pub after drinking in the daytime with the Dad. Neither talk out who is taking what child and when. Which, I'm sure to an OTT Social Worker (after the Baby P scandal) would suggest relationship issues as well as a possible drink problem. Dad also leaves pub afterwards (did they have a row? Why do they not travel together? Had Sam been drinking and then, drive?) leaving one child behind. Neither realises until quarter of an hour after leaving the child behind. 

Reading it as just a normal couple, it makes frightening reading, and anyone else would have to explain what led to this kind of cock up. The fact they were drinking in the daytime only makes it worse.

What makes this even harder to swallow is the Tories new idea to offer- and the irony of this couldn't be bigger- parenting vouchers for new parents or those it feels aren't doing their jobs correctly.

Perhaps the Cameron's could be the first to make use of these courses?

Yet again, no one will investigate- I expect the Bodyguard will take the wrap. But the fact is, whoever you are, PM or not, you are ultimately responsible for your kids. 

Next time you go out on the drink, Dave, I suggest doing a head count.

That's just the basics of parenting. Add it to your course if you like.


  1. I totally agree with you, if this had been any other couple there would be uproar. Fingers would be pointed and the words 'irresponsible' and 'unfit' would be flying. No doubt some authroity or other would be asking a few questions.
    Not a good move Dave, or maybe he was trying out his big society thing and seeing what would happen?

  2. Camerons - not Cameron's

    Totally agree with you though

  3. I don't agree with the haves and the have nots but if Katie Price did this it would be certainly reported differently.

  4. Aaah is this the super-friendly family orientated government? I hope they will add it to their course too. And I agree that it is shameful that they will just laugh it off, while if other people did it, it would looked upon in a completely different no laughing matter.

  5. I agree - mistakes happen but leaving a child in the pub is a huge one especially when done by someone who's meant to be responsible for the country!
    I have other issues with this pub, drinking, driving, tackling binge drinking etc - really, really bad example they're setting when they're trying to 'teach parenting'...

  6. Alleluia. Have ranted on in a similar fashion ever since I became aware of this story.
    Reminds me of another case too but if you say anything on that one, you get attacked.
    Shows the idea that class difference in this country and life chances being affected by the same exist just as much as they ever did more's the pity.


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