Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nativity Play Nightmares Part 3: After the Play

My last post was an update on the role given to Mini in her nativity, and how she hated the costume and the part. Well, yesterday, we finally got to see the costume and the whole play.

To be fair to Mini, who may or may not read this post when she is older, the part wasn't one of the better ones. I had assumed it was a speaking role, but it was just singing a song at the back whilst the rest of the year group sang along too.  Before anyone moans, yes I know they want to build up other kids confidence, but with that said the main part was acted by a very confident child, as were all of the other main parts too.

Anyway, never let it be said that Mini doesn't know how to build her own part (ahem).

I ended up seeing the play both on Tuesday morning and yesterday evening as well. That worked out well as I committed the cardinal parenting fail of missing filming her bit. In my defence, I was told she was speaking her role, not singing it with everyone else. So, I thought the song was the lead up to her bit. And couldn't get it on tape in time. 

She did really well, and did a little dance, and sat quietly. It was lovely.

So, onto yesterday evening, and after a day spent having fun at Panasonic for the next Intelligent Living Mums workshop (more on that to follow), I got in, made some dinner for the Brats, had a cuppa and it was back to school.

I managed to bagsie with the help of some of the class Mums a front row seat- we could barely see on Tuesday as the hall was packed- and, camera poised, I started to film.

I think the combination of it being 6pm, on a school night, right near Christmas, the second time they'd acted it, and the actors being a bunch of hyper 5 and 6 year olds made for a rather rowdy and hilarious play.....

....Especially Mini and her fellow stars

I think her costume was lovely- it turned out that the reason Mini thought it was "epically crap" was because her costume didn't light up with fairy lights (only the main characters did as they were playing the Star Of Bethlehem). The only issue I saw though was the head dress was a bit itchy with tinsel.

By the end (it was 40 minutes long), the kids were either yawning with tiredness after a busy school day, or being slightly mischievous. You had the Three Wise Men playing catch with their gifts, the narrators giggling amongst themselves, funny faces being pulled at parents, and Mini and her mates taking their head dresses off and using them as blindfolds or wearing them upside down.

But, what did Mini do to build her part?

I asked her teacher if they were meant to dance or do actions after the morning performance and was told, no, but she thought Mini's moves (as her Dad has now called them) were sweet and not too OTT. In which case I can only presume that she encouraged Mini to do them again. I can then only presume that Mini thought she should perhaps improve on them. A lot.

She had the audience in hysterics, with parent's coming over to me to laugh and say how much they'd enjoyed it!

I wont just type about them, here, for your viewing hilarity, is Mini, building her part spectacularly.

And yes, I will be showing this at her 18th birthday party. Sorry Mini!

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