Friday, 8 March 2013

Diet Diary: This Week, I am Mostly Reading Packaging

This horse meat scandal is mental, right?

I mostly cook all my food from scratch. I never ever used to as I couldn't cook to save my life. A mixture of learning from Elder and then Littlest being so very allergic to certain foods (fish, peas, nut and all their counterparts) means that its simpler to adopt the DIY option.

It seems I'm not the only one- Lazy Girl Cooks has seen quite an increase in UK readers of late (previously it was very much a cult site in the US).

I am concerned though about the processed meats theory though. I do use these, the Brats have sandwiches everyday at school, being that Littlest can't and Mini wont go school dinners. I also have a sandwich for my lunch (rather than when I used to have a cooked lunch pre-diet), I'm partial to salami. I'm having to read packets now though as I wouldn't have placed bacon in the processed meats category- and I love a bacon roll on a Sunday (granted only once a month as a treat!)

I am enjoying being able to fit back into certain clothing that I've had to overlook for ages. Some of my size 14 stuff has sat lingering in draws for around 18 months. The last time I was a proper- by which I mean I could actually do button's up without them gaping- size 14 was around the time of the last Cybermummy, so 2011. Ouch!

I got rid of quite a few bits shortly after that and started to rely on size 16, and then size 18, so its nice to go the other way and start selling off the big girl clothes and buy one or two dress sizes smaller. With one pair of New Look jeans without Lycra, I actually need a belt to keep them up.

It can be a slog losing weight and trying to be healthier, but the buzz I now get by having to ask for a smaller size when I try on clothes, or just being able to see a difference in the mirror is worth it.

I'm still working on having a smaller bottom, but my chest size has decreased, as have the wobbly bits on my arms. I think my thighs are definitely slimmer, and my tummy is starting to flatten out too. I hope that soon I will have lost enough weight to ask my GP to refer me to have my Section scar tidied up. Littlest was born in a hurry as he was so early, and it doesn't sit right but was sewn far too tight. I don't like that I have to wear spanx to cover this up and give myself a nice straight line under tighter dresses, but they wont do it unless you are your perfect weight.

I think in the past my relationship with dieting was unhealthy. I'd go all out, cutting out food groups and make myself feel ratty, tired and in the end ill. I now think the best way to do it is to perhaps not calling dieting or weight loss at all. I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle change, being more sensible with foods. 

It also becomes very boring, very quickly surviving on chicken, fish and a few veggies. I now eat a wider range of foods but the portion sizes are smaller, and I am more sensible with what should be eaten in moderation, as I said on my final Diary today, I can buy a packet of biscuits, I just don't need to eat the whole packet in an hour!

I have now ended my diary along with the other 4 lovely ladies who joined me at, but I will keep up with this diary here. I really hope that, if you are sitting reading knowing you need to change what you eat or increase your level of exercise, that by reading my diary you'll not feel alone! I hate it when I look for support online and find fresh faced, never eating creme cakes in their lives spokeswoman who claim to have the answers. It can make you feel despondent!

If you have enjoyed my Diet Diary, UKMums Tv is offering one of us he chance to stay at a Spa. I'm not going to lie, I have never been to a spa before, and I would love to go! You can vote at voting closes today!

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