Saturday, 6 July 2013

Need Advice on Routines? Live Stream Show with Dora and Jacqueline Harding

When I had Mini, way back in 2007, I went about parenting in a bohemian style. When she was sleepy, I let her nod off. When she wanted to be fed, she got it. 

However, pretty soon, I was knackered, with a fractious baby who would wake up all night and sleep all day. She was dozy, hard to manage (trust me, we started to think she had extra sensitive smell as without fail the moment I picked up a fork, a sandwich or even a cup of coffee, she would immediately want feeding) and had me tearing my hair out. 

Then we moved from Kent to Berkshire when she was 6 months old and started to wean her. That was hard too as she was so out of sync with the rest of the world, she just didn't take to it.

My far wiser sister in law stepped in and decreed what this baby needed was a routine and fast. She had sworn by it with her two children as babies, and it had not failed her. Stick to a time to go in the bath, a time for a feed, a time for bed, and it'll happen.

The first night was horror filled. Mini cried for two hours straight. I'm not talking whimpering sobs, I'm talking blood curdling, screams so fierce I felt sure of two things: I was a crap Mummy and the Police must be on their way soon.

Happily, it got easier.

I'm sure I'm not the only one though who finds routines a nightmare and wonders if they are necessary.

That's where this live show comes in, with expert advice from Jacqueline Harding.

Covering newborns to child led activities, and the milestones in between, you can leave a question for Jacqueline in advice of the show here, which takes place on Monday from 12pm (and you can watch it below).

With the holidays coming up, you may want to know whether you should structure the 6 week break, or simply follow the lead of the children. Is there a set time for teaching kids the subjects which will get them ahead of the pack at school, or is it simply better to leave studying in the classroom?

All those topics are available to be covered, so don't be shy, ask a question!

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