Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Is It Just Me: Thinking Calvin Klein is Just The Tip of the Iceberg?

Body Image.

We all have our own body image. Some of you may feel sexy, sassy, and not give a hoot about the slightest wobbly bit. Some may dread the very idea of communal changing rooms or bikinis. Most of you will have an opinion on your own body, and celeb bodies or even your mates.

However, Calvin Klein is the latest big name to incur the wrath of folks everywhere by announcing they have a "plus size" model in their latest campaign.

So, if you are yet to see this plus size woman, what size would imagine she is? A 16? A 14? Even a 20?

You'd be wrong.

Calvin Klein and his sexy pants thinks that plus size is- wait for it- a size 10.

Yes I will let you digest that (along with the biscuit I hope you are eating as you read this, I do love the idea of my readers and a packet of Hob Knobs).

Far and apart from anything else, the model called Myla is seriously gorgeous!

It would make me concerned that the fashion pack would look at my currently size 14 self and faint. Or call me "super size". Or worse, Jumbo Size.

Of course, I would them smack them in the mouth.

Yes this "size 10 is suddenly flabby and not good enough for the likes of Vogue" is annoying to me as a 32 year old, slightly war wounded by childbirth self.

But the issue here is simple. Its not about someone like me who thinks its terrible, but doesn't allow herself to eat a lettuce leaf until I reach size 0.

No, its about the vulnerable amongst us, from teens onwards, girls and boys, who will see this beautiful, perfectly in proportion girl and think, well, if she's fat, I must be a beast. And then they go and stop eating, and as a result, stop being healthy.

Calvin Klein is far from the only one's fat shaming by giving an idea of a figure which is neither achievable or healthy. Topshop recently provoked outrage with their anorexic dummies with legs the size of lolly sticks.

You also had bitchy journo's remark on Kendall Jenner's suitability as a catwalk model as she allegedly had cellulite and wasn't a size 0. They fail to mention she is a confident, beautiful girl who gives a healthy view of body image to teens a similar age. No, her bottom was an actual bottom, she was not flat from neck to toe.

For goodness sake!

Lets have some positive reinforcement of normal, healthy folk.

Not just for days when people like me are having a shitty day and don't fancy looking in the mirror, but for those who beat themselves up about every little calorie.

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