Friday, 14 November 2014

Thinking of Donating? Here's a Child Who Really Needs Your Pounds #RubyLaura

As many readers know, I'm from Kent originally, and do try and keep up with my original home and people in it who I've been to school with.

One of them is Anita.

Anita is pretty cool in that he rest of us lazy so and so's don't really need to keep the home fires burning as she pretty much still chats to everyone we all grew up with, and onwards to people in the outer reaches too.

Anita recently invited me to join a group which I want to share with you on a day which is fitting, being Children In Need this evening.

Ruby Laura is two, the daughter of a mate of Anita's. She is a gorgeous little thing, loves dolls, loves dressing up, and is always ready with a smile.

Just after her birthday, Ruby Laura became unwell. Very unwell. She went off her food, she lost weight and, as a result, a large lump became obvious in her tummy.

After being rushed to hospital, Ruby Laura was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer- Neuroblastoma, at Stage 4. Worse, it had spread.

There is no Stage 5.

Her wonderful, amazing parent's have decided to set up a fund, rather than sitting around wondering what to do next. They have linked up with the NCCA to try and raise £500,000.

They hope they can send Ruby Laura to the US, where there is more treatment available than our NHS can offer. They also want to help other children suffering with the illness.

In three weeks, these amazing people and their friends have raised £40,000 through cake sales, raffles and a Drum and Base night. But they desperately want to raise the full £500,000 and beyond.

You can find out more about Ruby Laura and her family on Facebook, you can also donate at or you can text RLYJ88 and your amount between £1-£10 to 70070.

Every little it helps :)

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