Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Yes, its review time, and this time its the turn of Carex and a selection of their hand wash products.

The people at Carex are also starting a great initiative to get more children washing their hands on a regular basis, by making it fun and easy. Now, when I was at school, we were constantly being sent out to wash our hands, but apparently not all schools have continued this trend today, mainly due to allergies and the worry of getting told off if a child uses the wrong soap. This now means that 50% of kids no longer wash their hands after using the loo.

The product for adults I liked the most was Moisture Plus, which contains milk protein.

I suffer from quite sensitive skin, and some soaps and hand washes can cause my skin to break out in a rash, but this is a lovely hand wash which did nothing but leave my hands smooth as Edward's baby bottom! It has the added bonus of containing anti-bacterial agents, so its not just great for leaving care worn hands super smooth, but also protects against germs-and with what us parents regularly have to put our poor hands in that's always going to be a plus!

The second product I loved was Splash Gel. It comes in a handy nappy bag sized bottle, with a pump action lid, meaning there's no need to mess about with unscrewing bottles whilst trying to avoid being covered in chocolate or worse. But the real star attraction of the product is it doesn't require water to foam or clean.

Yes that's right,
you just place a tiny amount in your little treasures hands, rub it round, and hey presto-clean mitts! No mess, no fuss.

It smells lovely, and to encourage your child to embrace being clean it has a lovely little cartoon character, which amused Chrissy lots.

We were also sent a CD of nursery rhymes, however these had been re-jigged to include lyrics to encourage kids that wash time is fun. I think its a great idea that the company is sending packs out to nurseries and Infant schools, as although it took Chrissy a while to get used to the changes in her favorite songs, she soon got used to it and now its not such a battle to get her to wash her hands after messy play. I was shocked at how many kids admitted to not washing their hands after using the loo, and these were the kids who actually told the truth!

The only product we didn't like was the Bacteria Protect hand wash, which contains silver. Now as I've said, I suffer from sensitive skin, and unfortunately this did make my skin sting, maybe because of all the anti bacterial agents in contains. So this I would give a wide berth if like me your skins a bit picky about what it lets you use on it. It also didn't smell quite as nice as the moisture plus hand wash.

All in all I would recommend the products I have mentioned here, especially the Splash Gel, for making a Mum's life that touch easier!

You can find a copy of their Hands Up for Hygiene campaign at-


  1. Carex splash gel bottles are all over this house its great stuff!

  2. Silver! I can't even imagine why this would be added to a handwash. Thanks for the reviews. Very helpful. And thank for visiting my blog.

  3. I know, I was surprised enough when someone brought out those plasters with silver, now a handwash!

    And it was a pleasure to read your blog, and thanks for visiting mine in return.

  4. I have a little bottle of the handwash stuff in my's amazing. Award for you over at mine if you fancy.. x


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