Thursday, 22 October 2009


My living room has become a boxing ring.

Or so my children seem to think anyway.

In the last week I have had to break up more fights than I think Frank Warren ever has.

It starts off usually when Chrissy wants to give Edward a cuddle. He will be quite happily lying on his tummy, playing with a toy or just stopping mid crawl to look at random stuff, when suddenly Chrissy will decide she wants to give him a kiss and hug. That may not sound too mean, but unfortunately she's like a fairy elephant. She comes and grabs him round the neck and lies on top of the poor boy. And the more he wiggles and squirms and cries, the more she tries to hug him.

Then, the boy gets angry, and pulls her hair. So she gets annoyed and slaps him.

The next thing you know, its like two cats rolling around pulling and biting and kicking at one another, screeching and shouting as well. Chrissy shouts "No Ed no baby", thinking this makes a difference to my poor son! He just looks at me as if to say "get her off me!".

Now, the fighting is one thing, but I find it really hard to explain to Chrissy that she is being bad for wanting to be affectionate-this is the child who kissed no one for 6 months. But all of a sudden, she loves to give kisses and hugs. She even insisted the other day that she wouldn't go to bed until she kissed guests that were in the house.

At the same time, my poor son is in danger of serious injury! That and he has had such a gutful of her and her strange way, that he is now, at just over one, learning to fight her.

Its not just due to the over snuggles, as I call them. Its now toys too. If he wants something, or if she pinches something he was playing with, then he pulls her hair. So she fights back. Its a vicious cycle.

I of course expected the odd scrap, but not until they got older, at least school age, but no, my kids are looking at being boxers early.

I think I'll go referee now......

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  1. There is a book call Siblings with Rivalry and it is really good for times like this. It puts the idea of having a second child like this. Imagine if your Husband came up to you one night and said "you are such a good wife adn I love having you arround, so I am going to have another". I guess that little ones just get so conflicted about their siblings

  2. Cripes! Sounds like my two. Still refereeing now - they're 11 and 10.

    I like to hit my head on the wall occasionally - makes me feel a bit better!



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