Friday, 27 November 2009

Robbie....Nooo!!!! And a new site!

It is with sadness that I lament the loss of Robbie Williams to nearly marriedness.

Yes, I am very sad. (Some could argue that I'm sad anyway, but that's far from the point here...)

I have been not far from obsessed by Mr Williams since I first saw him and Take That on kids TV when I was 9. And have always imagined that he would be single forever. Or until I went to a concert and he spotted me in the crowd.

But now, he is marrying the, admittedly beautiful Ayda Field.

Although Ed the Ex still maintains he is gay and that he is "doing an Elton"


Right, I have got that off my chest.

Now to tell you about a great new site I am happy to be writing for.
Its called Mummy Reviews, and we are a group of Mum's who you may know from our individual blogs or twitter.

We have Zooarchaeologis, Cafebebe, Daddacool, Mum of the Madhouse and Little Garden Helpers on board, all of whom you can trust to be honest and provide you with a one stop site for whats hot and whats not in the world of parents and the stuff we buy!

You can also follow us on Twitter too, at

If you would like to contribute, feel free to drop us a line at the site!

Well, that's all from me, thanks again for dropping by, and I look forward to meeting some of you at London Zoo for the British Mummy Bloggers meet up on Sunday.


  1. I'm so with you! Always dreamed I might be the future Mrs Williams - sob!
    And I'm gutted I won't be meeting you Sunday- was supposed to be going, but we've had to pull out :( Have fun- look forward to hearing all about it!!

  2. I just done get the Robbie Adorabtion!!! I am very envious of all you meeting up, pah we need a NE meet up but I fear I would be the only one there!!!

  3. Well isn't it obvious? Robbie would of married you, but of course was unable to as he hadn't met you and so went for Ayda....

    Shall go and have a read at Mummy Reviews!

  4. Ahhh Robbie...of course he actually loves me and we're secretly my dreams! Love the review site x


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