Monday, 7 December 2009

#Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Bare Are Your branches!

Yes, not quite the typical lyrics of the classic song, eh?

In support of Liz at Violet Posy, who always puts her tree up on the 1st of December, I decided that I would do the same.

We have quite a nice tree, we got it last year from Freecycle, after I went to literally every shop in the pouring rain in Maidenhead looking for a last minute tree, only to find that the only one left was in a local charity shop. Phew, I thought as I lugged it all the way home uphill. I then opened the thing and when I put it up (and it is the only way to describe it), it resembled a snooker cue painted green with about 4 branches minus most of their greenery. I cried.

Luckily, a lady from just down the road advertised one on Freecycle and when I told her how pitiful our tree was, and that it was my son's first Christmas, she awarded it to us!

It's lovely, and must have cost quite a bit new-and I banned Ed from leaving it, and the decorations, behind when we moved.

So, out from the cupboard it came, and we (OK Ed) put the tree together, then let Mini and I loose on the dressing.

Well, it was the first year that Mini  has been tall enough and old enough to help. I do try and put a tree up to look impressive and arty like my sister in laws- her tree always looks like the ones on TV. However, mine always looks like I have stood back and thrown stuff at it.

This year, I decided only to put three bits of tinsel on, in silver and gold, rather than the 25 different bits I managed to put on last year in  loads of different hues.

It looked quite impressive (for me), and Mini loved hanging the baubles on the branches.

So much so that she has been systematically removing the things since the 1st.

And then Edward gets hold of them, and they generally end up in the bin. I wont even mention what happened to the Merry Christmas banner I had up on the back wall- the "had up" says it all.

"Don't worry", said Ed, "I'll put the coffee table in the corner, and stick the tree on that instead".

But now all that has happened is the top half of the tree has baubles galore on it. But the sides and the bottom, where the evil children can reach, is bare.

It extends to the advent calendar-chocs in the top, none in the bottom.

So, for Liz, and everyone else, here is my tree.

Oh, and whilst I'm here, THANK YOU once again for putting my blog in the Top 100 list- and even better thanks to you all, I've shot up a massive 14 PLACES! I owe it to you all, so bless you all x


  1. First off congratulations with that massive climb up the list - totally deserved!! x Now onto your tree - love it! You guys did a great job of decorating it. I was LOL at the bottom being bare of baubles, ours was the same for the first couple of years too ;)

  2. That's a fab tree - what a whopper!

    Liz (LivingwithKids)

  3. Thanks to you both x

    Poor tree!

  4. Love the tree lots, we hide ours behind a sofa so the cat and the mini's dont attack it

  5. That is a great tree! And we've had a few years where our tree branches were bare!

  6. Really fab tree. And ours went up today! Now feeling full of Christmas cheer. Or mulled wine. In fact, full of g&t, but the effect is cheery, and makes the fairylights look even prettier!


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