Monday, 11 January 2010


Well, that was an interesting day yesterday wasn't it!?!

Just in case you've hit the page looking to see what the Twitter and general net fuss was about, I have deleted the blog (well 448 people saw it so I'm sure if you weren't one of them you'll be able to get the gist of it.)

I'm just writing to say Thank you for all your comments, and if you are re-visiting to say another thanks for sticking with me too. The detractors have tried to say that I have not been transparent in what I wrote here, but I can stand by what I published (which I didn't ask them to send to me), and what I said as my reaction to what was written.

I didn't name names, despite being asked to by some of you readers. I still wont now.

I merely removed the blog as some of you who left comments had received emails form one of the parties threatening legal action (even though they later denied this despite writing it on Twitter, and its still there now).

I don't want people like you who are reading this, in a move to support me, being threatened. I also do not want my blog closed down, when I have worked so hard to make it what I hope is a good blog.

So, yes, in a way it was a kick in the proverbials for freedom of speech- but I did not remove it due to being made up.

So, sadly for some of you I'm sure, this will return to a blog about Mini, Littlest and the rest of the gang- I hope you'll still tke the time to read it- even if it isn't quite as incendiary as yesterdays.



  1. I will certainly be following your blog from now on - it's fantastic!

  2. Keep blogging, x. I love the thoguht of Mini singing 'Pass the Daddy'! lol
    Mich x

  3. I didnt see the post and have no idea about it and I very much suspect that even if I had it would not have changed me reading your blog, its fab!

  4. Had the dreaded lurgy since last friday so missed whats going on, whatever it was hope you are ok with it all and I for one will still be reading!

    Danny x


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