Saturday, 9 January 2010

An Interesting Week in the 20SM Household

What a bloomin' week thats been!

Alright I know we still have the rest of Saturday and Sunday to get through, but I don't know whether I shall be kicked out of my own office by Ed the Elder within the next 5 minutes.

Men, eh?

They get an idea in their head, and next minute your house resembles a mini Radio One studio. Or mine does anyway.

Yes, Ed the Elder has gone Radio Ga Ga, and I don't mean he's bought The Fame Monster album either.

I happened to pop in when he was using the PC a few nights ago, and he was lisening to an internet stream from Rough Tempo Radio- they were playing some old school house classics and Ed was mightily impressed.

However, he said that he thought The Nephew (yep, he's back again!) could use something similar to promote his music.

I casually mentioned U Stream, as I'd seen it used by Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, and had once looked it up myself. I told him it looked quite easy to set up, and basically you needed a PC and a webcam to do a live feed.

Why? Why did I tell him? I should've known that he would get going on one of his mad ideas.

So, he has since spent the last week setting up two PCs, a mixer, his stereo and the webcam, along with a whole host of wires and things which I have no idea what they are. He has also pinched the dining table as the desk my little office space was on wasn't big enough. I have been promised a laptop, which he has pinched from one his friends but which needs a new screen, will be sorted out for me in a few days, but thats only so he can get me to bog off out his and The Nephews way!

I have demanded a slot though, and I thank quite a few of you on Twitter on New Years Eve for the idea I've had.

Ed has said that he wont just play the same old modern stuff, but wants to play a diverse cross section of music, and he said that in that case he wants me to "do a girly crap pop music slot". But I'm not stopping there.

At New Years, all of us Mums were saying that we were sitting in our jammies rather than going out clubbing.

So I am proposing to do a Pyjama Parlour Girly Hour on the new Live and Direct Radio stream. Ed and The Nephew were not impressed, but it's my slot and I shall sit in my jammies if I so wish!

I will let you all know when its properly set up. It'll be good to have an outlet other than the blog npw I'm no longer writing for Mummy Reviews. Its a shame as I was enjoying the reviews, and freebies, but sometimes when something is not working for everyones mutual benefit and happiness, it's better to walk away than be doing something that far from making you happy makes you feel like you're in the wrong. Its not nice opening emails which berate you for having a hard working attitude, but you can't please all the people all the time!

So, if you'd like t get involved (as we can live link to others with a webcam under the same Live and Direct banner (or so I'm told) do let me know. Any musical taste may apply!

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