Thursday, 7 January 2010

Favorite Photo Meme

The lovely Ellie at Insomniac Mummy has tagged me into this meme, and I am very pleased as for a start I need cheering up and distracting, but because I love taking photos!

I annoy the hell out of people with a camera, it has stopped me on many occasions being as drunk as others at parties, such is my love of catching the sort of photos that people will cringe and laugh at for years to come.

So heres my favorite- and believe me, it was very hard to narrow it down to one!

This photo, of Ed the Elder and Mini was taken two days after her birthday- I can tell because the pink top was a present from her Aunt!

It was April, and very warm, and both the pair of them had been out in the garden messing about, hence the pink cheeks!

I was in the kitchen starting the dinner, and had left Edward, those two and Ed the Elders brother in the living room.

The brother came out to me asking if I had a camera, as I had to see Ed and Chrissy on the sofa.

And there they were, as you see above, fast asleep snuggled together. Neither woke up when the flash went off, and stayed like that for ages! I couldn't wait to get the picture developed to show Ed, and its one of his favorites too.

So there you go, my favorite picture- a bit of calm  in an otherwise over active two year old prone to tantrums day!

I am going to ask anyone who wants to join in to leave a comment below! Sorry but I think loads of people have already done it!


  1. Really cute! I posted the same meme today so stop in when you get a chance. x

  2. It is a lovely photo, proper love photo :)

  3. they both look so contented and happy - there's nothing nicer than falling asleep in your dad's arms x

  4. A lovely photo and lovely memories to go with it. Which reminds me to get choosing one of my own. An impossible task!

  5. I love pictures of people asleep. So unposed :o)

  6. Lovely photo, so natural. I've done the meme, link is here

    Thanks for opening it up!


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