Tuesday 26 January 2010

Mini and the Spots of Playschool Doom

Remember my post about how Mini wasn't so Mini anymore, and was off to playschool last week? (If not you can catch up here)

It would appear I spoke too soon.

I should've known, shouldn't I, that in our household, nothing ever turns out quite how we expect, and Min's first day of Playschool has been no exception.

She has been a happy little bunny of late. No child is perfect so we've had the odd Mini Moment, but she's been quite good, singing, jumping around, and being helpful.

Until she came down with what I have christened The Spots of Playschool Doom. (at this point there should be a horror movie type scream and Duh, duh duh! suspenseful background music).

Almost the day after I had spoken to Lovely Mary about her starting Playschool, and had gone out to look for an Upsy Daisy Rucksack, she woke up with a rash on her cheek.

Which quickly spread to her whole face.

At first I thought it was a bit of heat rash. She has a habit of falling asleep submerged under the duvet, so I thought it would calm down.

When it spread in tiny little red spots on both cheeks and her nose and chin, I had to strip her off to check she didn't have measles. An old lady in one of the thrift shops in town thought she'd had measles and gave her two teddies to cheer her up.

But it was just on her face.

Baffled, I took her in Boots, and the pharmacist asked if she'd had a cold recently.
I said yes, and that when she gets a cold, her nose, rather than running like some kids doesn't, so the nasty stuff gets stuck in her nostril and goes hard. Euch.

This, I was told, was the cause.

Ed the Elder took her off to the GP yesterday. She was given antibiotics (which we have to disguise in Nesquik as she can taste it in juice), and a special cream too.

So I phoned Lovely Mary to see if it was still OK to bring her. Fine, as long as she wasn't carrying anything catching, and was happy in herself, as Lovely Mary pointed out if the child is not 100%, then it makes the move to playschool less than a happy experience.

So, we got her new outfit out, put Mummy Teddy White in her rucksack, and were all ready to go.

At which point she nodded off on my lap. At 9am. When Playschool starts at 9.30am. Antibiotic induced drowsiness.

Abort mission!

So, once again I had to phone poor Lovely Mary (who has now given me her mobile number and must think I'm one of those annoying Mums), and let her know the bad news.

She found it hilarious, as the other child who was also starting today had also had to cancel due to illness.

Next Tuesday, we'll try again!


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  1. Its typical isn't it - we were supposed to try out for a new class but Toddlergirl slept through first time and Babygirl was poorly 2nd time, think we're doomed

  2. Ah, bless her. We are going to start 2 half days of nursery in March. Exciting times!!


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