Thursday, 8 April 2010

THE GALLERY: (The Definition of) Ugly

This weeks Gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers is UGLY (and apologies for not doing last weeks, but the North and South of my house are pretty uninspiring lumps of concrete so thought I'd spare you the boredom). 

For once, something popped straight into my head, even though Elder was not happy, and here it is (warning: it may scare you it's that shocking)

This, photo fans, is Elder's creepy ugly painting. Its awful.

It once hung in our living room, pre-children, in the flat in Kent. But I have always hated it, and have now used the excuse that it will scare small children so it cannot possibly go up on any wall of my house (except the garage).

Its so bad it would put burglars off.

He got it when we weren't living together, when he shared a house with some other guys. A few of them got up into the attic to have a nose (that's a fun part of moving to a house!), and they had found, amongst other tat, the Painting. They later found out that a man who'd lived there had painted it, and not surprisingly, he was a mentalist, who ended up being straight jacketed off. Nice.

Which Elder asked if he could have it, no one stopped him. It should have stayed where it was if you ask me, and I swear its cursed or Jumanji like in some way. 

It looks like it has creepy little googlie eyes and men in it, here is a close up of one of the little men's faces in it. Its like something from Halloween that should have been thrown in a skip long ago (believe me I've tried, he always finds it).

To top it all, its not even worth a penny, so I can't get rid of it with the excuse it could be sold for lots of money with which to buy more stereo tat.

So, there we go- the Definition of Ugly, also known as Elder's crap and questionable taste in paintings, or "The Creepy Picture"


  1. Oooh it is ugly - I have to agree with you. Sorry Elder

  2. It is rather strange isn't it! A downstairs toilet picture I fear.

    CJ xx


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