Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Joy of (Plastic and Imaginary) Sex

Tee hee, love this one people! 

I have been tagged by Emma from the brilliant blog Me, The Man and The Baby (surely worth a  vote for Best Baby Blog in the MADS!)  in the Plastic Joy Award meme, and as a self confessed tart who watches some TV just to annoy Elder by going "I so would" when he says that someone is minging, and for who sport is not so much as in the game as who is playing and wearing the tightest kit, this is going to be fun! As for the badge, well, I personally think it deserves the Turner Prize for most inventive use of toys.

So, kicking off, and probably no great surprise is.....

 Sir Robbie of Williams. A fine specimen- I would eat my left arm off to get in his pants, yes sirree. I have fancied him since I was about 8, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Definitely my number one. Proper Miaow that one.

Next up is

Definite bit of rough, you know he'd buy you a drink, and if you asked for a pint instead of a Girly Drink he would merely respect you more. Elder actually knows a couple of guys who know Danny, but I think I would die if he ever went out on a night out with him. When we were recently casually flicking through the channels one evening, a Danny Dyer Meets... programme was in the listings, and when Elder asked why I wanted to watch it, I told him it was purely because I wished to perv over Mr Dyer, as I so would. I don't think Elder thinks he's as much of a nancy as the others he knows I "would", as he is a fellow South East Londoner. What a Geezer! Oh yeah, not a bad actor either!

Next for your pervtastic delights Ladies, we have....

Justin Timberlake, or to give him his proper name: The Trousersnake. He can Bring Sexy Back to my House any day! Even in the face of dancing with a practically Grandmother in her pants, Trousersnake still turned up the heat. God Bless Him.

And now, we have someone who is slightly geeky, but in a sexy way.....

Jon Simm. Now I must point out, in Human Traffic and Life on Mars, so yes, but in Doctor Who, hmm not so much! He has a nice smile, and I loved Life on Mars loads, the last episode was on the day I had Mini, and I was so sure I was going to miss it, but I was so happy for the Hospicom TV next to the bed, and Elder stuck loads of change in it so I wouldn't miss the last show. I am really hoping he turns up in Ashes to Ashes (the sequel to Life on Mars), as I have liked this one just as much as the previous series.

Number 5 had me thinking for ages, I even asked Elder if I'd told him who I so would recently. But in the end I went for someone who is sadly no longer with us, so hope that's allowed?!

Heath Ledger was a God. The first film I saw him in was Ten Things I Hate About You, where he played a very funny character with ease and style. I was very sad to hear when he died, as he was so young and it seemed he was being taken seriously as a credible actor rather than just a Teen Flick heartthrob, and the roles were flying in-there was even talk of Oscar Glory. But then just like others before him, he died. Another person I thought of was Michael Hutchence, around the era when INXS released "Never Tear Us Apart", which is one of my all time fave love songs. He was ridiculously sexy, but died too young as well. Both immensely talented, and a great loss. I couldn't chose between them, so they are my Joint Number 5.

Right tag time!

I am going to tag (and apologies if you have already been tagged by someone else!)

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And just so he doesn't feel left out (lol) here is Elder doing his Sexy Man in Heat pose! Yes he will kill me, so feel for me and vote in The Mads 2010


  1. Awww!! Your so lovely!! Thanks for the amazing mention! :D It makes me giggle seeing everyone's different men choices! We all have such different taste!! xx

  2. Only John Sim for me out of that lot - I think that comes of being a thirty-something mum, though!


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