Saturday 1 May 2010

The Botox List: MAY

Yes its a new month already and a lovely, mostly sunny Bank Holiday weekend at that, but, that doesn't stop the BOTOX LIST from being updated for this month. So, whats been creating or deepening the ol' wrinkles this month?

  • To Slough or Not to Slough- Yes, the great move/landlord debacle continues. It has now been widely agreed we will be moving out of this house faster than a cat with its arse on fire, but where to? I, being a proper townie, want to move to Slough, as there are actually shops worth going to in Slough, and Maidenhead has none at all, especially for children. Also, the house prices are much better. Elder, having been born and lived in the town, is anti the whole idea. On my side, however, is his Brother A, who will move there if we do, and will probably be much happier. But using shopping as an excuse for uprooting us to what Yahoo described as the town where residences are 7th likeliest to have an ASBO in the UK, is not good enough for Elder.
  • The Landlord. Him again. I wish him great pain and suffering for eternity. Final straw? Heavy mob turned up for him at 3am last Sunday, waking me up and scaring the proverbial out of me. Elder was not happy, as you would expect, so rang to have a word with the Landlord. Who called me a liar! Why? As he had picked up his mail the other week, he picked up a letter of mine, about my depression, and has decided I'm a psychotic nutcase- true(!) but doesn't make me imagine two scary guys at 3am shouting for me to send him down for a chat (the way they said it, they meant a chat face to fist). Elder gave our notice-YIPPEE!
  •  Teeth. Not mine, Littlests. He has his bitey teeth coming through, after having none appear for ages. Which has meant widespread misery guts behavior, lack of sleep, and teeth marks in everything, including whatever body part of mine is nearest. I once remarked to a mate how it would be easier if they were born with teeth- until she made me realise the connotations of that during birth. Ouch.
  • Illness. Again, not mine, but Mini and Elders. I have been fine, just suffering from an accute case of Puke avoidance issues. 

So, there we go. What's stressing you out this month?


  1. Thanks for registering for CyberMummy... I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person. In a bid to get to know at least something about all of the attendees, I've added you to my blogroll. You can keep up to date with me at

  2. Slough has improved greatly in recent years. Why not move somewhere near slough but not IN slough? Probably only viable if you drive? My Mum grew up in Farnham Royal, about 10 mins from Slough town centre. xxx


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