Monday 3 May 2010

Forget Our Election, It's The Aussies I'm Interested In...

Yes, I know I made this an Election babble free zone, as I find it inherently boring and grown up (so OK, yes I'm 28, but it's my blog and I will pretend to be a teenager if I want to), and because I wouldn't have a clue who to vote for anyway, but I had to blog this one!

Firstly it's not boring Brown, Calamity Clegg or Catatonia Inducing Cameron who has sparked my interest, hell no.

Its someone from across the pond in Australia which had me laughing out loud this morning when I logged into my Yahoo news feed (see, can be grown up sometimes. No, I'm lying I actually pay more attention to the Entertainment gossip).

It seems that us regular random folk aren't the only ones who find Twitter and the ability it allows to follow people you've never met such a great tool.

A certain Prime Minister thought it would be very "Hip" to have a Twitter account. Lets face it, Kevin Rudd is not the first Golden Oldie to think that a Twitter account is the key to electoral success. All the main parties over here, and some of the lesser ones too, all have Twitters, and post what I suppose they think is a witty little message to show they are human and not some scary political person. Not that I find them remotely scary in the slightest, more inherent liars actually. But I digress.

So, Mr Rudd, Prime Minister of Oz, friend to Rolf Harris (or I'd imagine he'd have met him) has his little feed, and its all going quite hunky dory. 
He had been followed by other Twitter users, and so had, as is the usual etiquette (or should that be Twiterquette) followed them back.

As Littlest would say (and has been saying repeatedly since Mini taught him to) Oh- Ohhhhhh!

It would seem that poor old Kevin didn't quite get the idea that its generally a good idea to check out the tweets, at the very least, of some of these followers.

And it turns out that the media, who probably rubbed their hands with glee, found that he was inadvertently following quite a few ahem, naughty sites!
Including some exhibitionist webcam girlies, a porn blogger (maybe that's who the people who visit my blog looking for some very strange things which I definitely do not blog about are looking for!), a Gay Holiday resort in Phuket, and even a lady whose Tweet Picture was of her boobies and her hands in handcuffs. 

Oo-er indeed!

Poor guy! I felt so sorry for him as I wept tears of laughter onto my Vegemite on toast (and I'm not making that up, I was actually eating Vegemite!).

So, if your Elderly relatives decide to join the Interwebwork (as I heard an old lady refer to it as in my library the other week), warn them that Twitter may not be a good idea!

Whoever you vote for (and God Knows how you decided who to vote for), have a great week!

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  1. Definitely known as 'he's been Britneyed'! Poor guy, almost feel sorry for him. Almost...


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