Friday, 21 May 2010

Claire of Clare Road

Yes,we have moved-yippee!

No more damp, no more random meat heads turning up at my door and no more living next to a road which was referred to in the paper as an accident black spot.

We finally moved at 2pm Sunday, after our original van let us down for Saturday. Everything was ready to move well before though, and the last thing to do was unscrew Mini and Littlests beds. We even managed to remember the screws this time (twice we've moved and had to replace cots due to loosing screws).

Mini was a tiny bit upset by the whole thing- when the van left with her Dad in it she thought he was leaving us. Her main concern, spoken through sobs what that "Daddy was nicking her toys".Charming!

So, its now Friday and  we've unpacked 90% of our belongings. Paint colours have been chosen including abright pink personally chosen by Mini for her "Suite" as I've nicknamed her massive bedroom. 

The new Landlord has left us some really naff 80s MFI wardrobes in white melamine and with mirrored doors, which Elder hates but I love the naffness (child of the 80s through and through, me), and Mini has decided that she much prefers the brand new double Divan bed which he kindly left for her to sleep into save us putting her bed up at 9pm on the first night, so her single bed has gone in the shed for now!

Littlest has no idea that anything is different, as long as he has his routine, his bath, his bottle and Roary the lion toy, he's happy and unaffected.

The only negative (there's always one!) is that we had thought the last tenant was leaving the cooker behind, but that didn't happen, so we've been eating salads and micro meals since the move (yuck to micro meals). But, Elder's lovely sister, who has just had a major kitchen re-do, has gifted us her massive double gas cooker (which I had not so secretly lusted after for yonks), so with a bit of a kitchen wiggle round, it will be taking pride of place from tomorrow. 

Due to the weather finally switching to summer (despite the drizzle on moving day) lazy days have been spent in the garden under the gazebo, and the kids have been worn out after running after the neighbours cats all day in their new space. A barbecue has already been organised, and everyone is a lot calming and more relaxed than previously.

I will have some pics soon, but the paint needs to be slapped on the walls first! The border and wallpaper combos in all the rooms look like an early 90s Changing Rooms nightmare! But, here's the garden-


  1. Sounds great! Can't wait to move myself. We're going to visit a place on Saturday so fingers crossed it will work out!

  2. With washing on the line already... Seriously, that looks the perfect place to spend a sunny summer's afternoon!

    And the beauty of warm weather when you're decorating is that you can leave the windows open without shivering.

    Hope the oven fits!

  3. Here's to living without the most useless landlord in history!

    Am very jealous of the oven by the way!

  4. congratulations glad your in and it all sounds fab! enjoy the new house x

  5. Sounds like a great place and a good landlord to for letting you paint the walls! Wish mine would allow that!

  6. oooh yay :) Can't wait to see the photies!

  7. Oooh! That's great. So glad you've moved away from the useless Landlord. :)



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