Friday 25 June 2010

Bitched, Bullied, Bribed and Banned: The Week Parent Blogging Should Hang It's Head Over.

Firstly, yes I know I said I had nothing to say. I feel its necessary to write this as a fellow Blogger has really been the target of a follow on of the anger and upset. And she had nothing to do with it, just felt it was unfair that a mass censoring had occurred, in her view, unfairly. She had no idea I had been banned. I don't actually think she even follows my blog. And its not someone as some people have suggested who is overly "matey" with me either.

It would also be disrespectful of me to answer the critics via her blogs comments page. There's a time and a place, and that's not the place.

It speaks for itself that the blog's author had respect for me enough to use a pseudonym. The piece was not written in support of me, or the opposing view. It was purely to say they disagreed with the censorship.
Right, now, I know a lot of questions, and an extended Chinese Whispers has been going on for a few days now, and, as is usual with that method, facts often become fiction, and people use it as an excuse for a bit of sensationalising.

Firstly, yes, I have been banned from British Mummy Bloggers.

For what, well, I'm still not sure. I'm led to believe two very different things from one very high up person. 

Firstly I was told it was due to my comments on a discussion. Apparently, my point, that us bloggers nominated had been made to feel guilty, and had effectively been bribed and bullied was completely unfair. I felt, and expressed that it was (under BMB rules) a better idea to take it up with Gurgle, rather than the constant and all consuming negativity that was hurled at us in not one, but two separate discussions.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Party aspect of Cybermummy was never mandatory. If that was the case, it would have been prudent to include the price of a hotel room in with the ticket. To me, until recently it was seen as optional for those with the luxury of being able to stay over night or living in London. I had never had the intention of staying on. I'm sure I am not the only one.

The second reason was due to a joke (and it was clearly a joke) I made on Twitter. I don't have the luxury of screen grabbing, but its here 

At no point was this written with names, blogs or on BMB itself. 
I reserve the right to make a joke outside of BMB (well, won't be hard to do that now!). 

The behaviour of certain bloggers is getting beyond a joke. 

A few comments written on the blog I mentioned say that the discussion became distressing, and worrying. 

I beg to differ, I think that the level of brown nosing within the network, and the fact that a member cannot crack a joke outside of it without the network watching your tweets is the most alarming. In my view, and the view of quite a few others, its becoming like a cult. They (the site owners)  have already revoked the rights of members to disagree with their views. They obviously monitor our actions and words outside of the group too and look to censor further. And its clear that there are those who find it impossible to think for themselves and have to comply with Big Brother (or should that be sister?), before making their own choices.

I for one, do not want to be a part of that.

So, if you ask, am I bothered about my banning.


I was reliably informed that another blogger (who is well known for their bullying, and who has bullied me in the past) was also being banned. However, this was untrue. So why they are allowed to make comments purely to slyly put in a dig to me, at the expense of the feelings of other bloggers, I can't answer that one. 

I have been offered the opportunity to be reinstated. However I was told I would be monitored and had to apologise.

I would like it known I would rather eat my right arm and have it removed with a rusty saw first than give up my right to disagree with someone. However high up they are. 

My thoughts now?

Well, firstly, nice to know how many people actually want to meet me at Cybermummy and not just so they can bitch slap me! 

And on the whole thing?

I was censored because I made a valid point. I had tried and tried not to lose my temper for days. I had even had to question the rules which say we should support each other before those who wrote them and should have known better said well done over the Gurgle Affair. Us Gurgle Girlies have every right to go and enjoy our minute in the sun. The fact that people were bullied into not going, even being told they would be excluded from a raffle for going (after paying over eighty pound just for a ticket, and more for travel), is bribery and a disgrace. Its cynical to think that Gurgle wont get some advertising out of it. But to say that and have brands sponsoring an event and giveaway? Are we expected to believe that they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart then? 

The comment that worried me most? That as Gurgle were not part of "the network" (how cult like does that sound?) they were not to be trusted! They are a massive company, here before blogging, the internet and probably the computer itself! That's an alarming comment.

So, yep, I am no longer at BMB. Do I care? No. Was it fair? No.

Will I be going to Cybermummy? Hell yeah! Gurgle too? With bells on (and heels, so watch out if in front of me, may need to fall on you). 

Do I love you guys? Of bloody course! xxx

Cheers me dears. That is all x


  1. Well this is what happens when I don't catch up for a week - bloody hell!!
    As a person who ain't going to Cybermummy and who started blogging just to get things out I think its totally unfair and crap of them to have banned you. Are we not allowed free speech - isn't this why we all blog.
    Glad to see though that you aren't bothered.

  2. Well done for standing up for yourself and saying what you think! I've only just read this post, so I don't really know what the whole thing was about. But I do know it is a shame that these things happen, and that high-running emotions blow things out of proportion. If everything we all say could be taken at face value and not misjudged, misread, misrepresented, etc., life would be much easier!

  3. Ha, are you rattling cages again?

    Havent been on BMB in a while so didnt see what went on. From what I have read on yours and other blogs though it does sound like things got out of hand and there was an over reaction.

    Its a shame that grown adults have to have their views censored by higher powers and treated like children.

    A world where everyone agreed with each other would be very dull in deed.

  4. Good grief. Like BNM,this has all TOTALLY passed me by. What a lot of argy bargy. Blimey. Do Gurgle realise they've created such a furore? So, are you telling me I'm not allowed to go and hear that I didn't win the award? That's a shame ;)

  5. I'm speechless! I read some of the discussion earlier, and thought there were valid points on both sides of the 'debate' but nothing objectionable or out-of-order in any way. I'd better go back and check I haven't missed something. Because, unless I have, I might be handing in my resignation too.

  6. I don't know the ins and outs of it all but, if I'm not mistaken, we all took up blogging as a hobby. Freedom of speech is all I have to say. Bullying is for school girls. We are all adults. We should be (emphasis on the should) able to hear other people's opinions even if we disagree with them and just get on with our lifes. Life is too short for resentment and bullying and all that kind of crap. I don't get nominated for anything, does that mean that I resent people who are? NO! If I enjoy their blog, then well deserved, I'm happy for them. It's a boost of confidence. So, keep blogging whether you're part of the 'network' or on the fringes of it, who cares!!!! X

  7. It would make more sense to have your arm removed with a rusty saw, AND THEN eat it, because what's there to remove if you've already eaten it?

    Have a great time at the Gurgles ;)

  8. I'm totally lost. As usual i missed all the excitement. lol. I started blogging under the impression that i could write any old crap that came into my head and through the power of free speech, publish it. I joined bmb thinking it'd be a good extension of that. evidently not. Not that i've spent much time on there anyway. But with all this ridiculous censoring i'll not be in any hurry to go back. Congrats on your nomination! And screw anyone who's bitter about it!
    Sal. X

  9. I cant believe I missed all this...

    There has been some very shocking behaviour going on off late, it pissed me off because its not what I want, and it's always the same old people... lots of cases of sour grapes and jealously I think.

    (I blogged a post not so long ago about some same old shit: ) people need to get over themselves, they really do!

    Oh and "I would rather eat my right arm and have it removed with a rusty saw" is hilarious!

    See you at Cybermummy...... and you may have to do my acceptance speech at gurgle for me too! xxxx

  10. Wow that all seems very complicated and...ridiculous!
    Good for you for standing by your beliefs! No one should have to give up the right to have an opinion for anything!


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