Monday, 31 May 2010

Things I Have Learnt This Month

So, tomorrow marks the start of a new month, and usually I'd give you my Botox List. However, I'm going to remix it a little, and bring you the Dim Girls Guide to "Things I have Learnt This Month". I often lern new stuff which is quite cool, or think of stuff which causes Elder to shake his head in disgust at me and/or my lack of knowledge considering my excellent GCSE grades (except maths. That was pretty crap actually).

Here goes:

  1. The coveing in my house isn't original as I first thought. Not unless Victorians invented Polysterene.
  2. Borders are ugly, but they are also a pain in the arse to remove.
  3. Pot Noodles no longer taste as nice in your late twenties as they do when you're 18!
  4. The glue that sticks wallpaper and borders when wet goes like snot. Eugh.
  5. My definition of the after life is markedly different to Elders. I imagine that in Heaven you get what you wanted in life, as a reward for being good. So, I said that if or when I go I think it will be full of shoes and handbags, and nice clothes. Oh, and you can eat what you like and be a size 8. Elder shook his head at this, and The Nephew laughed.
  6. Dunkirk is near France, not in Scotland as I thought.
  7. One of my new neighbours is weird. Stepford over the top friendly Bree Van Der Kamp enthusiatic. O dear, she will probably hate my lack of enthusiasm for anything like PTA or Governors.
  8. There is a Public right of way going back yonks in my back garden. Doh.
  9. My children wont eat any dinners, but they find snot irresistible.
  10. Mini loves Glee possibly more than I do, and keeps asking to watch it at bedtime instead of Spot or Little Red Tractor.
So, what have you learnt this month? And who else is going to Combe Haven in the second to last week of June? I spot a pre-Cybermummy Meet Up.


  1. I despise pot noodles yet I used to live on them when I first moved out of my parents! Maybe I've just ate too many?!
    Hope the decorating/unpacking is all going ok!!
    You might like my 'Your Town' post for sharing some info about your new area! :) xx

  2. sounding very similiar, My daughetr loves Over teh rainbow more than I do. Demnding that she sings it-goes off to find her stool to stand on blarring out the most recent song at the top of her voice! Hilarious kids aren't they.

    I'm also a 20 something mum, I've just started a blog-I'd love some advice for it...please!!!


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