Monday, 7 June 2010

Atkins and Other Food Related Issues

Yes, I am back. Sorry I have been slightly quiet, but the new house seems to have taken over my life at the minute, and of an evening all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch Friends re-runs.

But, here I am again with an update.

Mini's room is now all but finished, only the wood work is left to do now, and regardless of my new found decorating skills I am still banned from touching anything near the carpet. 

I was also, shockingly, allowed to paint the entire front room, I say shockingly because Elder had previously banned me from painting anywhere where guests would see. But after seeing the skilled job I made of Min's room, he has now decided that I have made it look like I was crap at decorating to get out of doing any for ten years. 

I however argued that, actually, I was crap ten years ago, but after watching a master at work such as him for that ten year period, I have obviously learnt from his skills. (Insert canned laughter here!).

But, the newest news is that I am back on the scary New Year diet.

Yes, my resolution to lose weight and drop two dress sizes failed miserably by March. In fact, such was my failure I went up a dress size instead. Doh!

And now I 'm actually bothered by it. 

Previously I didn't care, but well, I don't feel healthy at the moment. I feel unfit, slovenly, crap. And when I have two kids as active as mine, its just not good.

Therefore, I am doing something I tried prior to Mini. 


Yes, I know it gets a bad press, but it does work. If you actually read the book, it does say that stuff like spuds and pasta are things which will make you put on weight. But it doesn't say to cut them completely.

Unfortunately, due to hype, people do think that's the idea, and that's when you get the stinky breath, awful farts and fainting fits that are the common side affects moaned about.

What I did last time, and which worked well for me, was to cut out carbs in the week, then eat what I wanted at the weekend. I also cut out sweets and tried to drink less milk, and coffee too.

So, instead of eating chicken and chips, I would substitute chips for plain boiled rice. Instead of coffee, I drank loads of water.

I had to go on a diet at that stage- I had suffered from high blood pressure due to stress at the time (mostly the stress of not getting pregnant), and I tend to comfort eat when I am stressed. 

But by following the practices above, I went from an unfit, spotty size 14/16 to a clear skinned, healthy size 10, in about 3 months.

I don't really want to get to a size 10 again, I think after two children that's unrealistic. And I think setting a goal which you can get to is half the battle too.

Instead, I'd be happy with a size 12. But I wll do it slowly, and get more exercise, which is where living at the top of a hill is always handy, and hopefully I can do it by Christmas. 

I really don't want to be the Mummy who looks like a whale getting into the swimming pool. I also hate my spotty complex, and think I have started growing bingo wings too. Eugh.

So, Sushi and rice, and grilled chicken, here I come.


  1. Can you do my diet for me, I'm so lacking in motivation at the moment!

    Good Luck! x

  2. I take my hat off to you, I could never do atkins, I like bread and pasta too much! :)

  3. Glad to hear you are being sensible and keeping some carbs in your diet - ketosis is not an attractive thing. You should see some excellent results from cutting out most carbs, good luck. I hopew the motivation stays with you. Mich x

  4. well done you for giving it a go. I can't diet it just makes me obsessed about food. So lat ein life i have dicovered the joys of exercise and find i can do both instead, plus you get a natural high from the exercise too.


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