Thursday 17 June 2010

THE GALLERY: MOTHERHOOD (A before and After View)

Oh yes, its THE GALLERY week, ah, hmm, sorry I have forgot due to my useless nature, but this time there's a bit of a twist, as Tara will be showing these at Cybermummy!

Now, I may not know what week it is, but luckily I know the theme, which is MOTHERHOOD.

I went through quite a few picture option- me pregnant with either of the Tots, me lying looking like Night of the Living Dead shortly after Mini was born, or even sitting next to Littlest in SCBU (which I thought was a bit sucky actually to Mini, as Motherhood is hard when its something as trivial and everyday as a cough, or the big scary out there stuff like Prematurity and the roller-coaster that leads on from that).

So, knowing my sarcastic humour, I have gone with these two, hand in hand photos, named MOTHERHOOD, BEFORE AND AFTER.



After all, nothing says Motherhood like the amount of crap we suddenly need to carry, and the death of our beloved tiny bags!


  1. Brilliant, I remember my mantra on leaving the house used to be "purse, phone, fags, keys"

  2. My mantra was the same and now it's keys, money, kid! Thankfully my daughter is out of nappies x

  3. Love your interpretation ;)

  4. fab interpretation of the prompt. I love it. Mich x


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