Wednesday 21 July 2010

THE GALLERY: A Novel Idea, featuring Mini

This week's Gallery has the added incentive of chocolate, and despite attempts to bribe Tara with offers of sharing the prize evenly, she wouldn't be swayed (probably has a stash of her own already, I'm guessing).

The theme is "A Novel Idea" and we are to draw inspiration from books.

After scratching my chin, trying to find inspiration, and making grand plans to order Elder to build ships from MDF, I decided simple can sometimes be best. That and Elder told me where to go.

So, with the help of Mini and her collection of Princess costumes, I bring you my interpretation of "The Princess and The Pea."

And apologies for not sticking her on loads of mattresses, but I really do feel its far too nice a day to spend in A+E, and can you imagine trying to explain why she'd fallen from a great pile of mattresses? After all of us Mum's where collectively harangued by Zoe Williams in The Guardian yesterday, thought I'd best not!

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