Monday 12 July 2010

Two Memes for the Price of One

Afternoon all, and a big HELLO! to all you brave new followers, welcome and thanks for joining me x

Onto the post, and I have been tagged by two of my favourite bloggers in two separate Memes, so will tackle them both together. 

First up, prior to Cybermummy, Emma at Mellow Mummy (sure to win big at the MADS) in the Desert Island Discs meme. To join in and fulfil my tag, I have to answer the following Brief:

You are being sent to a Desert Island & can take:
One person (living/dead/known to you/famous etc)
One piece of music
One book or item of reading

Right, so after thinking this one through for a couple of weeks, I have chosen the following.

I would undoubtedly take Elder's friend (OK and mine too) Steve, or Hippie Steve as we lovingly have referred to him as for ten years. Elder and I met Steve (although I was aware of him as a person) two days after we first met. Steve is a guy as old nearly as my Dad, and through collective times of stress and upset, has been there for us both. But thats not the reason I have picked him.

Imagine if you will, an Encyclopedia. Now imagine an Encyclopedia has been accidentally put together wrong and all the chapters are intermingled, yet it still is a  great source of information, tales, and knowledge. That's Steve. You can literally be having a conversation about planets, and then inexplicably and seemingly half way through he will go onto something completely different and in no way linked. Go back six months later and he'll finish the original conversation. He knows more about music than anyone I know, and would make sure you didn't eat stuff that'd kill you! And all the while his tales of the old times, music and never ending general knowledge would have you entertained until you were rescued. And when you got low? He'd give you a big fatherly hug. Love Steve.

The hard part, can I not cheat and have a waterproof I-Pod? No? OK.

Right it will have to be something which will keep you going, a real sing along, daft  song. So, how about Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Because if you can't take the pee out of your situation of being marooned on a desert island, when can you? 

I've chosen the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (including the Sonnets). Purely because I have always felt, having it sitting on my book shelf, that I should revisit the texts I read at school, and also discover the ones I haven't read yet. There's something for every occasion with Shakespeare. And I hate to say it, I'm a home comforts girl, if there's no loo roll left, it'd come in handy! Sorry that's terrible!

So, theres my list, and I'll tag at the end!

The next Meme is the Naughty Step meme, as challenged by Sian at Mummy Tips (and Sian, can we make Cybermummy a week long conference next time? I suggest limiting the workload by having one seminar a day, followed by copious amounts of drinking...).

Well, to be fair I need a naughty staircase for mine, but have narrowed the list down to two, a celeb and a non celeb.

So, first on the list, or warming the step, is Littlest.

And no, you cannot all go ahhh but he's so cute and babyish. No he's blooming evil.

He will be residing on the step for the following:
  • Continuously refusing to go to bed until 11pm. And running around the house like a nutter, in no way tired at all. 
  • His refusal to speak properly when the Health Dragon comes, meaning I'm now getting moaned at to take him to speech therapy like a stupid unable to teach their child to speak so needing help Mother.
  • His constant use of the word Bur, or bottle no matter how many times I give him a drink per five minutes.
  • And number 1 reason. The Lego brick I stepped on at 2am in the dark he left on the floor. Yes, even though he goes to sleep after 10pm every night, he still wakes up in the early hours demanding a bur and its a race against time to stick a drink in his mouth before he screams solidly for four hours before nodding off just as Mini wakes up.
So, as you can see, very good reasons. 

My second nomination is to Nick Clegg.For being a fame hungry, Tory wipped arse, who has systematically forgotten what his party stood for in the fight to no longer be the third party. I am wholeheartedly disappointed in him, and his lack of resolve to reign in Cameron and fight for the Parents as he promised, and the schools, and against the sleaze. Tosser.

Onto my tags

I will chose (and sorry if you've had a go)

Sandy at Baby Baby

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