Sunday, 22 August 2010

What a Surprise. Bullying Strikes Again

You know, you'd think that my trying to create a nice atmosphere in blogging would be getting through by now.

But no.

I am guessing as a direct response to my questioning the idea of the BBC documentary, a certain Higher Up has decided to indulge in a bit of a childish "get your own back".

But are they actually able to have the guts to pull me up on it?


They have decided it's a far better idea to start on my Other Half.

This is an open "letter" if you will, to them. If you have the power to, please pass it on, they have thus far decided that rather than explain their actions, they'd rather take the cowards option and be ignorant.

So, please, I'll post all comments on this. 


It doesn't seem to matter how many of us say "enoughs, enough" and try and stand up to these bullies who think themselves immune from answering for their actions.

But if an actions worth doing, its worth explaining too, right?

I'm sorry to bang on, but why pick on my partner- whats he done? I actually found out about the BBC thing from TWITTER (and here is my reply). He has his own blog (yeah, he might not post very often, but he has one, he's learning and he jumps in when a topic takes him. He's a busy guy). He writes reviews for Family Panel. So, why is he excluded? I mean, bloody hell, I thought you had to disagree with the person involved before they had an excuse to chuck you. Now it appears you just have to breathe.

The only thing I could see he may have got chucked for? Because in the week, he popped onto the site and without warning could no longer access some of the groups. Some of his posts had gone too, like when he posted about the Family Panel's latest competition. Remember at this point, that he is a big part of Family Panel. 

So he, sent a message to ask why. That's his right, surely?

When he was ignored (and again its that, if its worth doing its worth explaining thing again), he posted a discussion asking if the same had happened to anyone else. Nothing wrong with that.

And miraculously, he was reinstated. 

He hasn't posted anything on the site from then until now (no more than 4 days).

Now, he's been removed. No excuse, no explanations. At least I got an email. Granted it was a poor excuse given, or excuses as for every reason given I quashed it. But at least I was told why, regardless of the absurdity of it.

Well, you know what.

Grow up.

The Mummy bit of my title of Mummy Blogger is out of here. I am a blogger. Because for every ten lovely, amusing and talented parents you get in the self styled "community" there is one who feels it necessary to come in like some whip role in a parliament, and who seems to enjoy nothing more in their tedious lives than being nasty to people.

I think its time we named and shamed these people who seek to batter people's confidence, why should we keep quiet? There is this feeling that we have no right to point out the people responsible. But where does this stem from?

Its complete playground antics, and well, I want no further part of it.

I am a writer, who happens to be a Mum. And I'm damned if I'm going to let anyone destroy me.



  1. Bloody Hell love - can they not stop this - wtf is wrong with these people just because we don't fit into their stereotype blogger (who has children!) (see not using the M word!)
    We must get this sorted - bullying in any form is not allowed,here, the workplace, school!!

  2. BMB is a very moderated community. Alot of PR's etc use it and thus they need to be careful what they have on there.

  3. Anonymous- granted, they can't have people willfully slag off products and services. However I have two points. Firstly I have seen quite a number of people in the months when I was a member being rude about PR's and brands as a group when they have done nothing more than send out a Mail shot getting some info wrong, or that they are impersonal. Secondly, the problem here is that my partner hasn't posted anything at all which could in anyway damage the site nor its reputation with these people. Obviously I can't show you this as he has been all but erased. Which is why I question those who are responsible's actions.

    So, just to clarify and answer this as the cause- no, not in this case.

  4. All these massive spats have one common factor- you. Have you considered on maybe one or more occasions it might actually be you who is in the wrong? Not saying you are but noone seems to get into fights as much as you.

  5. "Suzie" Erm sorry? How is it that I am in the wrong here? Actually there have been two disagreements I have had. The first one (cos obviously you're a new person to my blog) was down to a malicious email that was sent to me about me by someone else. Hows that my fault, please you're the authority here, please explain. Do you think it was nice for me to get that? No it bloody well wasn't, its not what I asked them to do.

    The second was that I wrote a comment on a public forum asking why myself and a group of others were supposedly out of order for going to our own awards do. Apparently in Blog World theres a rule that says you're "not allowed" to disagree with this person.
    Thats why the same person, as they didn't like the backlash they received is now starting on my other half. Hows that fair?

    Just a note- I know how to check the IP address of comments- nice nickname mate, for someone that tweets constantly about living in St Albans, its pretty pointless hiding behind a girls name. Tosser. Why not comment under your own name eh?

  6. i don't understand the specifics behind this (i seem to have had my head in the clouds) but i do rage against cyberbullying in any form.
    Big hugs


  7. great blog, 20something, and good points about cyberbullying. quite apart from anything else, why would anyone want to tweet about living in st albans? i'd keep that sort of thing quiet if it was me? twitter's banal enough already, without sending people into a coma.

    off to check out your partner's blog now... (i'm a fellow dadblogger:

  8. How do you prevent the same thing correct. This will galvanize us to think and write will
    have. And any child born to the trend in h bullying is not good.


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