Friday 20 August 2010

Reviving My Faith in (Blogger) Humanity: Sign up for HONESTY

Yes, so, my Gallery Post and THINK message was firmly directed at the Blogger "Community" or to put it properly the Mummy Blogging one at least. 

I don't think I'd be the first to say I'm starting to feel disillusioned, and at one point this week, I decided that I no longer wanted the Mummy bit before the Blogger. I'm a writer. I love it. But sometimes I'm this close to quitting, which would be mental as its something I love doing. I hope that shows. 

I think we need to take, if not a step back, a long hard look at ourselves. We all have faults, and even feelings. At no point, regardless of perks, media coverage or desire to join every group to do with blogging "better" than anyone else. We should all look at each other equally. After all, isn't it better to help each other, share the wealth, talk highly of each other?
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There is something troubling me. 

I saw a Tweet, well, a Retweet actually. Apparently the BBC wants to do a "programme" featuring Mum Bloggers. 

Now, my first thought was Oh no.


(And no its not down to jealousy, malice or being an arsehole).

Its because at the moment I don't think we show ourselves in a good light. We have very public spats and spitefulness. And we all Follow or Tweet Celebs at one point or another. We all were in the room with The Sun newspaper at Cybermummy. 

So, whats to stop a clever little researchers portraying the chosen bloggers, and us as a whole unit, as a bunch of sniping, back stabbing, hormonal bints, intent on raining on each others parade, so to speak?

We haven't exactly already been shown in a great light, without appearing on TV.


Luckily, there is a place I have found that you can be honest.

Yes, honest. And no one threatens to kill off your blog. Or hints at doing that. Or just plain snipes behind your back.

So much so that some people tried to undermine it this weekend. Which frankly neither surprises me nor impresses me. 

I wish everyone felt they could just say if they aren't sure of something, or happy about something, without having to constantly question what effect it will have on their "position" in the group. Christ knows, I don't, I'm never afraid to say what I feel. If this has upset anyone at any point, then I apologise now.

But please, all you now, and anyone who you wish to let know. This little blog. See it as a haven. Need to say something? Then do so. Either email me with a post, or tweet me, whatever, I don't mind how. Never think that I don't want to help out. But feel free to air your views. 

I would love to think that at some point, I can hear about a documentary being in the pipeline, and not think what I think about this one. I really hope so. 

I'm posting a Linky here. Purely so if you feel how I do, and have a blog where you say what you feel, you can link to it here. Lets start a new school of thought, and re-introduce honesty, and friendship, and a right to reply.

Cheers guys x


  1. The Sun was at cybermummy? Seriously? Didn't see it/ them.

  2. Since I publically started blogging I always found you real Claire. Thanks for that. Mich x

  3. I agree that mothers who blog have been, and could well again be, painted in a dark light. I am proud of the majority of parenting blogs I follow for their honesty and information. Ive found it helpful when I've felt alone!

    For those public displays of immaturity and agressive, sometimes offensive, comments I tend not to get involved. You can say how you are feeling with a little decorum and common sense which shouldnt cause too many problems!

    But thats just my opinion :-)
    Take care
    Kate Collings

  4. wow, I have missed something major, I had no idea the mummy blogging world was so bad. good for you for restoring your faith.


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